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India Vs New Zealand Match Turns Out To Be Poor For The Men In Blue

india vs newzealand
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It seems that the fate of India in the T20 World Cup of this year is not quite good. India Vs New Zealand match has been a disaster for the Indian team and it seems like the Blue Boys were not ready to deal with the World Cup just yet. The game started off to be quite poor when Virat Kohli could not win the toss. Team India had to opt for batting at the very first innings. 

The New Zealand team was quite sure to break the spirit by India while taking away their crucial wickets at the very first overs. The team was at a loss and was able to score a mere 110 for 7 wickets at the end of their innings.

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Run Rate In India Vs New Zealand Match

The run rate which was achieved by New Zealand in India vs. New Zealand,  in the T20 World Cup match, was quite high. They had a run rate of 7.67 and at the end of the game, they just needed 1 run out of 34 balls. The chasing run was reached by the New Zealand team in the first 14 overs. This made things even more sire for Team India as it moved further below in the list of names qualifying for the tournament.

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Poor Performance Of Team India

It has been accused in many quarters that the Indian team was not quite ready to perform in these international matches. It has also been stressed that the focus of Indian cricket has been so much on IPL and other such club games that the national team failed to develop properly. It is indeed sad to see the Indian captain holding the entire weight of the team on his shoulders with the batsmen failing to perform as well as they should in these stringer matches.

India versus New Zealand game has been quite a disaster. India has to perform well in its match against Namibia if it wants a chance to get into the qualifiers. We have to wait and see if Team India is ready for this challenge or not.

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