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Easy Deep Breathing Exercises For Kids To Try

deep breathing exercises for kids
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Deep breathing is a wonderful exercise to perform in order to relax, feel refreshed and subdue stress levels. It is a common exercise practiced among kids. This induces a feeling of peace, reduces stress levels, aids in better concentration power, and regulates breathing. Practicing breathing techniques is a fun-filled form of exercise to do with kids. Here are a few easy and fun-filled breathing exercises for kids which also teach kids how their breath is connected to how they feel.

Fun-Filled Breathing Exercises For Kids

1. Bumblebee Breaths
deep breathing exercises for kids

In this breathing technique, sit comfortably with your legs crossed and breathe in through your nose. Then with your fingers in your ears slowly hum out your breath. When this breathing technique is done with the eyes closed it can feel even more peaceful and relaxing. This deep breathing technique can be practiced by kids and is quite enjoyable. It facilitates improved concentration, elevates mood, and calms the body and mind.

2. The Flower Breath
deep breathing exercises for kids

This is one of the simplest deep breathing techniques for kids. You must close your eyes, feel relaxed and ask your child to imagine they are holding flowers and taking in their fragrance. Instruct them to slowly inhale from the nose and exhale from the mouth. This is a fun technique to try with your kids. Deep breathing improves concentration, regulates bodily functions, and helps to calm down your child’s mind. 

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3. The Bunny Breath
deep breathing exercises for kids

In this breathing technique, all you have to do is take three quick sniffs through the nose and one long exhalation through the nose. This breathing exercise focuses on making the exhalation process slower and slower. This is a great deep breathing exercise to try with kids. It helps to improvise their focus and is a fun-filled exercise. 

4. Blow Out The Candle
deep breathing exercises for kids

Instruct your kids to close their eyes and imagine a birthday candle. Slowly instruct them to take a deep breath in through the nose and exhale from the mouth to blow out the candle. This deep breathing technique is fun as it provokes their imagination and also incorporates exercise. 

You can also do a fusion of the smell of a flower and blow out the candle breathing technique. As you smell the flowers, hold your pointer finger to your nose and drop your finger to your mouth as you blow out the candle. 

Wrap Up

These are a few great deep breathing exercises for kids to try. They have many benefits as they are fun-filled, improve focus and help to broaden imaginative powers as well. Kids learn how their breath is connected to how they feel. It helps them to calm down, deep breathing acts as a stress buster, and also helps your child to manage big emotions and feelings. So find a quiet space and give these deep breathing exercises a try with your kids.

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