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How Was Google Made – A History Of Google And Some Interesting Facts

How Was Google Made – A History Of Google
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Today, we can’t even imagine one second without Google- the world’s most popular search engine. Want to get some free notes for your studies? Google is there! Want to get current updates about the world? Just type it on Google. But, the journey from a startup to a million-dollar company was not a bed of roses. So, how was Google made? Who invented Google first? Who is owner of the Google company? This article will walk you through the journey of the world’s largest search engine – a history of Google. While a large part of Google’s story is known to us, a much larger chunk is concealed in dark. Today, we will also focus on some of the unknown interesting facts about Google that will leave you speechless. 

Who Discovered Google And When? 

On 4th September, the American search engine company, Google Inc. was formally established as founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page filed incorporation papers which ultimately fueled the growth of Google as the world’s largest search engine. 

So, who invented Google first? How was Google made? Who is the owner of the Google company? Let’s discuss them all.

Who Invented Google First? 

Google- the world’s largest search engine today, was invented by two friends – Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998, and was formally named ‘Backrub’. 

Who Discovered Google Pay? 

One of the most used digital wallets as well as online transaction platforms, Google Pay, was originally named as Google Wallet and later Android Pay before it was set on Gpay.  Originally established in the year 2011 as Google Wallet, the year 2015 saw its official release in the name of Android Pay. Two years later in 2017, the UPI system was launched and ultimately the name Google Pay was decided upon. Sujith Narayanan and Sumit Gwalani are the two masterminds behind this huge success. 

Who Discovered Google Search? 

Sergey Brin and Larry Page were the two intellectuals behind the establishment of Google Search in the year of 1998.

Who Discovered Google Chrome? 

The cross-platform web browser, Google Chrome, was originally developed by Google and saw its official release in the year 2008. 

Who Discovered Google App? 

In the year 2006, on 28th August, Google launched the Google Apps Domain. 

Who Discovered Google Maps? 

Originally developed by Lars and Jens Rasmussen as a C++ program, Google Maps was actually developed to be downloaded separately. But, later in the year 2004, Google acquired the platform and converted it into a web-based system for easier use. 

How Was Google Made – A History Of Google

So, by now we have learned who invented Google first, but our information about the largest search engine in the world is still incomplete. The question is how was Google made? To know more about a history of Google, keep reading. 

The story began at Stanford University, in the year of 1995. While Brin had already been a PhD student at Stanford, Page had just arrived as a new PhD candidate. And as destiny had it, Brin was assigned the task of showing Page around the campus. But, the duo had nothing in common. They almost always had differing views on the same opinion. 

But, destiny had something different in store for this duo. Gradually, the powerful duo made a team which later was joined by a third individual, Scott Hassan, who is still considered the co-founder of the startup. But, while the existence of search engines had been there for ages, the concept of Page and Brin was exceptionally new to the digital world. 

Sergey Brin and Larry Page at First Office of Google, Source- Google

Unlike other search engines that ranked sites based on how many times the searched word appears on the page, the concept of Page was unique within itself. Page put forward his idea of ranking sites based on ‘PageRank’, a unique system that determines a website’s rank based on backlinks. The trio (now including Hassan) named their new venture ‘Backrub’.

 With the evolution of BackRub, the system later acquired the term ‘Google’ which is still in use today. Later, Google received huge sums of money from its sponsors, such as Jeff Bezos of Amazon and others which ultimately fueled the exponential growth of the digital startup. 

History Of  Google Logo 

The digital era has made us extremely dependent on the internet. In today’s busy lives, we cannot even imagine a second without Google. Whether it is to search for new meanings or get regular updates on current affairs, Google has played a huge role in delivering correct information. So, it is quite obvious that the Google logo appears innumerable times in a single day to its different users. But, was the Google logo always the same? Did it not go through any evolution? Who has designed the current Google Logo? Let’s take a short glimpse into its history. 

Soon after Google was invented by the owner of the Google company, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Page designed a very simple and prototypic version of the Google logo using GIMP. The initial version had an image of a hand with the name ‘BackRub’ written on top. But, things changed around 1999 when the duo met Ruth Kedar, who later designed the famous Google logo with the two ‘O’s being used as a magnifying glass. But again, the logo saw a change when the colours and fonts were switched to a more minimal design. 

Soon, the magnifying glass was substituted with a smiley in the centre. This design of Kedar remained associated with Google from 1999 to 2010. But, again in 2015, with developments in the digital world, Google decided to redesign its logo. This time though the colours remained the same, the typeface shifted to Product Sans as we know it today. 

interesting facts about google

While Google’s logo remained simple and minimal for the longest time, the logo is also dynamic in itself. The creation of Google Doodle made the Google logo change slightly on special occasions around the year. 

Who Is The Owner Of The Google Company?

According to reports, Alphabet Inc. is the owner of the Google company. In the year 2015, when Google restructured itself, Alphabet Incorporation was introduced in the digital world, which became the sole owner of Google and its other offshoots. 

While others say that the new CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, is the new owner of the largest search engine in the world. 

Interesting Facts About Google

1. Google Was Inspired By Googol

Did you know that the name Google was originally inspired by the term, ‘Googol’ which is mathematically represented by the numeral one followed by 100 zeroes? The significance of such a term lies behind the fact that Google can hold and deliver a huge amount of data for its users. 

2. The Effect Of blackout in 2013

In the year 2013, Google was faced with an outage which resulted in a blackout and ultimately affected the functioning of the Google servers for about five minutes. During the blackout, internet traffic went down to approximately 40%.

3. Page And Brin Tried To Sell Google To Yahoo 

One of the interesting facts about Google is that during its initial years as a budding company, Page and Brin attempted to sell Google to Yahoo in 1997. But, the offer was rejected by Yahoo. Fast forward to 2004, Google became one of the huge successes in the digital world. 

4. Google Images Was Inspired By Jennifer Lopez

Are you aware that the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez is the inspiration behind Google image search? The story goes like this- During the year 2000, when J. Lo flaunted her green Versace gown at the Grammys, people rushed to Google to search for an image of the same. Thus, the powerful team of Google grabbed this golden opportunity and the world was later introduced to Google search images. 

5. Google Has The Largest World Market Share

Google has about 90% of the world market share in relation to the search engine. Besides, most of its revenue comes from advertising, making it one of the biggest and most interesting facts about google.


The digital world is now being ruled by Google. From its initial days as a new startup by two college lads, Google has come a long way in the present decade. But, the actual strength of Google is its powerful team. Had Google not got these powerful and intelligent men, Google would not be where it is today. 

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