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GST Hike On Textiles and Shoes Cause Trouble For People In India

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The industry has informed that it is going to suffer a lot under the process of GST hike on textiles and shoes. The GST charges on shoes and textiles have been increased from 5% to 12% to the dismay of the people and the industry alike. Most of the industries in different states are protesting against the rise of prices and taxes on goods that are absolutely indispensable for life. 

The trading groups of Rajasthan have stood up in protest against this rise of taxes on clothing and shoes. It has countered the rise in the taxes with the statement that it goes against the basic concept of GST in every single aspect. 

GST Hike On Textiles And Shoes Cause Revolt In Industry

It has been mentioned by the traders that when the GST charges were brought in 2017, it was mentioned quite clearly that the prices are going to reduce for the goods which are used quite commonly in the houses of the commoners. It was not mentioned on any count that the values which are associated with the common goods will increase and hence cause issues with the common people of the nation. 

It is also believed that the GST hike on textiles might be one of the ways to counter the lower prices of petrol at the moment. It is very disappointing that the government is taking measures to cushion the economy with the taxes of the commoners. 

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Decisions And Speculations

The board has mentioned that the government initially tried to bring a certain amount of control to the total amount of GST which was placed against different types of goods in the country. However, with time, the GST hike on textiles and shoes made it quite clear that the intent of the government was to increase the taxes at a steady speed rather than making common goods available for the local people. 

What Might Be The Cause?

Why do you think that the government is trying to include a GST hike on textiles and shoes? Do you think this is an effort to counter the falling economy of India? We are interested to know your answers in the comment section given below.

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