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World Children’s Day – How To Make Your Child Grow Taller? 

how to make your child grow taller
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Children are the future of a country. You must have heard this. And you’ll be surprised to find out that there’s a day dedicated to these innocent minds known as World Children’s Day. It is celebrated every year on the 20th of November. Do you know how this day came into existence and why is World Children’s Day celebrated? Keep reading to find out. Also, to commemorate this year’s World Children’s Day, we have provided some tips on how to make your child grow taller and leave a good first impression in their adult life.

World Children’s Day

This year 2022, World Children’s Day falls on Sunday, 20th November. The day was recognised as universal children’s day on 20th November 1954, by UNICEF. On the same date, two major child welfare declarations were adopted by the UN in two different years. The first was in 1959 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of Rights of the Child and the second was in 1989 when the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted.

Why is World Children’s Day Celebrated?

The reason why is World Children’s Day celebrated is as an anniversary of the children’s rights declaration adopted by the UN. Also, the day is dedicated to children’s welfare worldwide, together. It is also a way to create awareness among children about their basic rights and how they are entitled to receive basic facilities from the government.

5 Tips On How To Make Your Child Grow Taller

As a parent, one expects their child to develop in a healthy manner and grow taller and strong. While this is an expectation, a lot of effort is involved in how to make your child grow taller. Well, on this occasion of World Children’s Day, we are here to help.

Here are 5 major tips on how to make your child grow taller:

1. Diet Is The Most Important

A healthy body and mind can be achieved with a balanced diet. And it’s true for children too. Their food should include all the necessary nutrients in proper proportion like fats, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, etc. Dark leafy vegetables contain a lot of potassium and calcium essential for bone growth, and zinc found in squash seeds and peanuts is meant to be beneficial for a child’s growth.

2. Exercise For A Healthy Tall Body 

Exercise is good for all, be it a child or a fully grown adult. Your child’s height can be boosted with the help of stretching exercises that elongate the spine and hence, contribute to increased height.

3. Hanging Does Help

It’s not a myth that hanging can increase height, especially in growing children. Their developing bones are still malleable enough to shape them tall and strong. So, allowing your child to hang from bars in parks is beneficial for their height growth too or you can set up the bars according to their height in the comfort of your home.

4. Sleep To Rejuvenate

Children sleep and grow. True! They need a proper 8 to 10 hours of sleep in order for their cells to grow rapidly. So, make sure your child isn’t skipping sleep and follows a healthy sleep cycle instead of falling asleep at unexpected hours.

5. Sunlight Is The Source Of Bone Health

Sunlight provides vitamin D which is directly associated with bone health and growth. Let your child stay in the morning sunlight to absorb its goodness at the peak hours. Late afternoon sunlight is too strong and can affect the skin with its harmful UV rays. To avoid that, you can apply sunscreen to your child’s skin.


This year’s World Children’s Day theme is ‘Inclusion for every child.’ The day holds a lot of significance after World War II ended, the situation in the suffering countries’ kids was pitiful. That’s when UNICEF stepped in to help them and today, we all stand together to provide the best-growing conditions and facilities to the future generation and help them develop into responsible citizens of the world.

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