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Chamunda Devi Story – Why Chamunda Devi Killed Chand Mund

Chamunda Devi story
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Chamunda Devi is known to be a warrior Goddess. But, the main question is who is Chamunda Devi? Well, the terrifying and vengeful manifestation of Maa Mahakali is Maa Chamunda, sometimes referred to as Maa Chamundeshwari. She is one of the seven Matrikas. As per the Chamunda Devi story, Maa Chamunda killed demons Chand and Munda. Know why Chamunda Devi killed Chand Mund and why Chamunda maa has two faces.

Who Is Chamunda Devi?

Maa Chamundeshwari, who is Chamunda Devi, is the original Adi Parashakti. She is married to Bheeshana Vairav (a form of Lord Shiva). She can be seen standing over a body while clutching a trident and a sword and donning a garland made of human skulls.

Why Chamunda Maa Has Two Faces?

Maa Chamunda isn’t depicted as two Devis. She and Chandi, however, are occasionally portrayed as a pair of warrior goddesses, hence that’s why Chamunda Maa has two faces. Two separate aspects of the same primordial goddess Parashakti or Durga are Chamunda and Chandi. 

On occasion, Sri Chandi-Chamunda are depicted as a pair, each with wide eyes, tridents in hand, flower garlands around their necks, and riding a single lion. To know why Chamunda Devi killed Chand Mund, keep reading.

Chamunda Devi Story

The Story Of Chamunda Devi Temple In Himachal Pradesh

A King and a Brahmin priest prayed to Chamunda Devi some 400 years ago, requesting her permission to move the image to a visible area. The priest saw Chamunda Devi in a dream who gave him the go-ahead. They would discover an old idol if he dug in the spot she instructed him to. They were welcome to bring the idol inside the temple to worship her. The priest sent his men to bring the idol after telling the King about his dream. The men obtained the idol but were unable to raise it.

The Goddess reappeared and reminded the priest that the men had been unable to raise the idol because they had mistaken it for a regular stone. She instructed the priest to take a bath and get up early in the morning. He needed to arrive at the location in a dedicated manner after changing into clean clothing. The priest followed the instructions as said. He discovered that he could carry the idol with ease. People have been worshipping the Goddess ever since he put the idol where it is now.

When Shumbha And Nishumbha Gained Control Of Trilok

The gods were expelled from heaven long ago when the demons Shumbha and Nishumbha overthrew Devraj Indra and gained control of the Triloki realm. They then began performing all the duties of the gods. The gods later went to the Himalayas and begged Goddess Jagdamba for assistance. 

Recalling the blessing that Goddess Adishakti had bestowed upon them- that anytime the gods were in danger, she herself would appear and allay their pain, gods approached Maa. Mother Jagdamba then took the form of Goddess Parvati as Kaushiki and started a conflict with Shumbha and Nishumbha.

When Shumbha and Nishumbh learned that the Goddess had murdered the war’s leader, Dhumralochan, they became furious. They gave the demons Chand and Mund orders to travel to the Himalayas, where the Goddess lived, and capture her after defeating her in combat. If she was killed during the fight, then her corpse must be delivered. 

Why Chamunda Devi killed Chand Mund?

Chand and Mund headed to the location where the Goddess was located in order to engage in combat after receiving orders from Shumbha and Nishumbha. All the Asuras attacked the Goddess once they saw her perched on the lion. The Goddess then became furious and her forehead turned red.

Suddenly a black Goddess named Kali emerged from her forehead. She had an axe in her hand, a skull garland around her neck, and leopard-skin clothing covering her entire body. Goddess Kali began putting the army of demons in her mouth while holding them in her hand. She would place a large number of elephants and Asuras in her mouth at once and chew them, destroying an entire army of Asuras.

Chand seized the sword in his hands after witnessing the Goddess decimate his entire army. He assaulted the Goddess but she severed his sword, and Chand then began to strike with arrows but Kali suddenly cut off all his arrows. As a result, conflict broke out between Devi and Chand, and in the end, Devi used her sword to cut off Chand’s head from his body. When Mund saw his brother dead, he also approached the goddess for a battle but the goddess quickly stripped him off his head as well.

Later, Goddess Kali presented Maa Amba Bhavani with both of their heads when she was present, telling her, “Goddess, I have brought you the heads of the two demons as a gift.”  After learning why Chamunda Devi killed Chand Mund, Maa Amba said,”Kalike you have killed two deadly demons named Chand and Mund on the battlefield, thus you will be known throughout the world as Chamunda”. Hence, after slaying the demons Chand and Munda, Goddess Kali acquired the name Chamunda.

who is Chamunda Devi


After learning the Chamunda Devi story, worshippers pray to her to cure them of their sins, illnesses, curses from previous lives, and various ‘doshas’. This manifestation of Maa Mahakali, who is Chamunda Devi, offers bravery, wisdom, knowledge and courage. Her devotees receive wisdom, vitality and mental gratification from her.

Worshippers primarily chant the ‘Chamunda Mantra’ or ‘Chandi Mantra’. The Goddess protects her followers from all ills and brings out the good. The slogan raises one’s power and confidence level. It improves your intellectual capacity, abilities and talents so you can succeed in your work. It encourages the person to recite this mantra to strengthen their body and mind. If you know the Chamunda Devi story and why Chamunda Maa has two faces, you should also know that you can improve your level of focus by reciting the mantra. Chanting the Chandi Mantra can help you perform well in exams and protect you against the planet’s harmful impacts.

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