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How Edison stole Tesla’s Inventions

how edison stole tesla inventions
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Edison indeed had brilliant business skills and a sound statistical mind, making him the man he is known today. However, it is easy to comment on any activity without knowing the deepest and darkest truth about the event. Something similar happened to the controversies of Edison and Tesla. 

Behind every well-known revolutionary invention, a team of prodigy minds worked and chased it throughout, but the invention credits are added to just one name. But many supporters of Tesla raised allegations over Thomas for washing Tesla’s credits which grew out of curiosity about How Edison stole Tesla’s inventions. Here is the complete story behind the same.

How Edison stole Tesla’s Invention

Tesla worked with Edison for a very long time. The DC motor and generator issue was handed over to Tesla while Tesla was working under Edison during his early career days. After the corrections were made and were successful, Edison made sure to pay Tesla as promised for the work. But as soon as the invention came into popularity, the credit scores were added to Edison. 

how Edison stole Tesla inventions | Trending Reader

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At the same time, Tesla was also working independently in alternating current. Learning this, Edison had feared as he was holding the market over DC. Thus, he raised controversies against Tesla. In addition, Tesla used several cats and dogs to demonstrate AC shock during the experiment. This news ran across the media, due to which Tesla collected a tremendous amount of hate. Although his inventions were a great success, he built his name, and even today is being used under his name.

Few Final Words

The story indicates that Edison wasn’t the only culprit. He was a businessman who played fair games to keep his business top-notch. Therefore, the answer to how Edison stole Tesla’s invention is that Edison never tried to steal the praises of Tesla. 

It is true to protect yourself through your intelligence. Having scientific skills and building a sustainable business are two completely different abilities in which Edison had a strong command over both while Tesla was poor with the enterprise.

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