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Why there are so many Indian Students in Ukraine: MBBS in Ukraine

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Studying MBBS and graduating with a degree in medicine is a dream of many students in India. Unfortunately, the high fees demanded by Indian medical institutions forces students to opt for moving abroad. But, the question is why Ukraine and not other countries? A large number of Indian students in Ukraine has forced everyone to think about why Ukraine has emerged to be the hub of medical education?

The Ongoing War Situation And Indian Students In Ukraine

Before moving on to discussing the answer to the question put above, let us take a brief look at the current war situation in Ukraine and how the Indian students are getting affected by it.

Several Indian students escaping from the war wrecked country have delineated that they were tortured and harassed by Ukrainian guards while trying to cross the border. Students are pleading with the Indian government to come to their rescue as the situation in Ukraine is worsening day by day. Students fear that they will run out of their necessities of life, food, and water!

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Why Ukraine Is The Medical Career Hub For Indian Students?

Ukraine’s ministry of education and science reported that in the year 2020, around 24℅ of its international students belong to India! But why Ukraine? In this article, we have enlisted some key points as to why Ukraine is the epicenter of medical education abroad.

  • Indian students, who struggle with low marks opt for medical education in Ukraine. Ukrainian medical institutions Enroll students who have scored average marks in medical entrance examinations! Agencies and consultants help them to get there! But nobody explains the struggle that they face later while pursuing a degree in MD.
  • Another most noteworthy attraction for Indian students in Ukraine is that Ukrainian medical institutions charge much lower fees than Indian institutions. They charge approximately Rs.3 lakh per annum- Rs.4 lakh per annum which is highly affordable for middle-class Indian students!
  • Another attraction is that students do not need to sit for any entrance examinations to enroll themselves in Ukrainian medical institutions.
  • The quality of education is high and the medium of education is English, which makes it easier for the Indian students as they do not have to spend time learning a foreign language.
  • Ukrainian medical universities are recognized throughout the world. They are recognized by MCI as well!
  • The environment is hygienic and safe, food and housing are cheap and they can avail themselves of education loans as well.

All this attracts Indian students to study MBBS in Ukraine medical universities!


Amidst these hardships, the Indian government has assured all Indian students in Ukraine and their teary-eyed family members in India that the Indian government will bring back all the students safely from Ukraine! We hope that the war situation ceases soon and peace prevails everywhere! 

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