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Income Tax Department Raids 6 Offices Of Actor Sonu Sood

Income Tax Department Raids 6 Offices Of Actor Sonu Sood
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  • 6 offices of actor Sonu Sood have been raided by the Income Tax Department
  • Sonu Sood has recently been chosen as the brand ambassador of the Delhi mentorship program led by AAP
  • Sonu Sood has been a great help for the people during the two waves of the pandemic in India.

It seems that every good deed has its price! Actor Sonu Sood, the one who had been considered as one of the greatest helpers during the time of the pandemic, had 6 of his offices raided by the income tax department on 15th September. The income tax department has informed that the deal which has recently been signed between the company of Sonu Sood and a real estate company based in Lucknow may have some shady background. The companies are presently under scanners and there are some strict invigilations being conducted in order to investigate the claims of tax evasion.

Work Of Sonu Sood During The Pandemic

It has been quite surprising as actor Sonu Sood had people crowding at his doorstep, asking for help during the time of the pandemic. He had played a commendable role in helping the migrant workers reach their homes during the first lockdown. 

Later, during the second wave of the pandemic, the actor had tried his best to arrange for oxygen cylinders, concentrators, and hospital beds for those who had been in distress. He even kept his property on lease so that he could raise money for charity work during this time. He has been called the messiah during this pandemic on several occasions.

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Suspicions Raised Against Actor Sonu Sood Being Closely Associated With AAP

It has been suspected that since the actor will be appearing as the brand ambassador of the Delhi mentorship program under Arvind Kejriwal, Sonu Sood might be a threat to the ruling party. However, it must also be stated that this is not the first time that the actor’s offices have been raided for tax evasions. He was among the Bollywood celebrities who faced income tax raids in 2012 as well. Most of the opposition parties have linked this particular raid session to be a consequence of his close alliance with the Aam Aadmi Party.

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What Do You Think?

Do you think that actor Sonu Sood is being harassed for being the brand ambassador of one of the political endeavors in the nation? Or do you think that there might have been something wrong in the deal struck with the real estate company? Let us know about your speculations!

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