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Headers For Those Who Are Purchasing Vlone Shirts

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E-commerce is a field that is in full swing nowadays. Everything can be purchased from the comfort of your home via an e-commerce business. There are many shopping sites that provide similar products. There are also various fake websites that convince customers that they would deliver the exact product but do the exact opposite. Hence, if you are wondering which site you should purchase your clothes from, don’t think too much and fill your closet with Vlone. 

Check These Things While Purchasing Your Vlone Shirt

While purchasing Vlone shirts, if you are confused about which one is real and good, here are a few pointers:  

Step 1: Check The Rear “V” Shaped Print In Vlone Shirts

If you are purchasing the right one, you would see that their V would be in a peculiar shape, while the fake ones would be totally different, from the pattern to the design. For example, if you look more closely at the “V” pattern, the dents in the fake Vlone shirt would be way too large. While looking at the inside print, it would be clearly visible that the rear print is placed too high, At the same time, it would be crooked and wrongly placed in the replica, while it is mostly in the center in the original.

Step 2: Verify The Front “FRIENDS-” Print

  • In the “FRIENDS-” print, the original one would have all the letters in a perfect, sharp line. But for the fake one, it would be crooked and angled either way too high or way too low, especially in the case of the alphabet F.
  • The “R” character would be perfectly curved and arched in the original, while the fake one would be less curvy in the top right corner.
  • For the alphabet D, the space inside the letter would be more in the authentic Vlone items compared to the fake ones. This is also applicable for the alphabet R.
  • The distance between “D” and the “S” would also be small in the fake one, but if you look at the original one, these two letters won’t touch each other.
  • The hyphen would also be too small in length, and, the corners would be curved, unlike the original where they would be sharp.

Step 3: Analyze The “V” Shaped Neck Tag

While looking inside Vlone shirts, you can find the “V” shaped neck tag. The text font is something that you should assess carefully. The font shouldn’t be too thick to the point where it’s unreadable. The “LIVE VLONE DIE VLONE” text would be of a darker orange color.

Step 4: Inspect The Wash Tag On Your Vlone Shirts

The last step would be to check the wash tag. The original Vlone shirts would have thick printing for all their wash tags and the circle would be large.

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Final Words

Vlone shirts are comfortable to use, but when buying a product, you should always make sure that it’s authentic, as there would be many counterfeits.

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