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Celebrating Monsoon: Most Famous Indian Monsoon Festivals

Most Famous Indian Monsoon Festivals
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If you’re in India, it’s nearly impossible to spend even 10 days without having a festival fall on at least one of those days. India is a country that celebrates everything, from food items to seasons, and everything in between. One of the seasons that are celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigor is the monsoon. As the rain cleanses the air and earth, people come together to spread love and happiness. Along with rainwater harvesting and crop harvesting, people spend some quality time with their loved ones, drenched in the colors of celebration. 

The pre-hours and after-hours of festivals have their charm as well. The culture of exchanging gifts, decorating, lighting, pandals, flowers, colors, and chariots sets the country in a colorful blaze covered by the comforting blanket of rain. Indians believe in being grateful and celebrating the gifts of nature so that they keep coming every year on time. Many festivals like Rath Yatra and Raksha Bandhan are even famous around the world as they symbolize the exchange of love between a God and a devotee, and a brother and a sister. 

Here is a list of 5 festivals that are celebrated during the monsoons in India:

1. Rath Yatra – The Monsoon Festival Of Odisha

People from all around the world come to Puri, which is a city in Odisha, to be a part of this phenomenal festival. This monsoon festival is recognized in all parts of the globe. It is celebrated every year and has a great deal of spirituality, culture, and devotion attached to it. Three huge chariots are pulled because Lord Jagannatha and his siblings are believed to be visiting their aunt. 

Stories about Lord Jagannath flutter out like bands of butterflies during  the monsoon rath yatra

It is a treat to see how people from different corners of the country, and even the world, are there for just one purpose. It is one of India’s most renowned festivals.

2. Raksha Bandhan – A Vow Of Protection

Raksha Bandhan 2019: Significance, facts and history of the festival -  Hindustan Times

India is known for its rich traditional and cultural values, and Raksha Bandhan is an example of this. This festival celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. It is celebrated in the Shravan maas, which translates to monsoon month in English. This monsoon festival is cherished not just by Indians but is recognized and respected by other cultures and countries as well. The sister ties a thread, otherwise called ‘Rakhi,’ on her brother’s wrist, and prays and wishes for his safety, well-being and, long life. The brother, in return, vows to protect his sister with his life.

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3. Onam And Snake-Boat Racing

Onam Festival: Know All About The Grandest Spectacle In South India

Kerala is known for celebrating one of the biggest festivals during this time of the year. This festival is none other than Onam. The celebration goes on for 10 days and people have the best time of the year while celebrating this monsoon festival. The most exciting part of this festival is the snake-boat race which is organized by the locals. Apart from that, each of these ten days has its significance, and there are different rituals to honor each day.

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4. Nag Panchami – Worshipping Snakes

Nag Panchami 2020: जानिए कब है नाग पंचमी? इस शुभ मुहूर्त में करें पूजा - naag  panchami 2020 date shubh muhurt puja vidhi importance tlifd - AajTak

Nag in Hindi means ‘Cobra’. Lord Shiva is known as the Lord of Snakes and is believed to have Vāsuki, the serpent king, coiled around his neck. Nag Panchami is a festival that worships Nagas and other snakes, as they have a holy place around the neck of Lord Shiva. Devotees offer milk to nagas on this day, as an offering of love and peace.

5. Minjar Mela – Honoring The Monsoon

Minjar mela Chamba Archives - We Are Himachali

In Himachal Pradesh, this festival is celebrated every year in honor of the monsoon. Yes, you heard it right. A whole festival dedicated to the monsoon! In this monsoon festival, the locals thank the god of rain and thunder, also known as Indra dev. They pray for a good harvest during this festival which lasts for seven days.

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