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Amazing Unknown Facts About New Year You Ought To Know

New year resolution for health
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January 1 marks the beginning of the New Year and the entire world celebrates the beginning of a new year. The celebrations start right from New Year’s Eve on the 31st and continue for several days. However, there are some amazing unknown facts about New Year that you might not be aware of. Let us have a look at these.  

Amazing Unknown Facts About New Year

1. New Year Celebrations Are As Old As 4000 Years 

The Ancient Babylonians were the first to celebrate New Year almost 4000 years ago and that too was on March 1st. However, Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 introduced the Gregorian calendar 400 years ago and declared January 1st as New Year’s Day. 

new year facts

The famous Roman emperor, Julius Caesar, declared January 1st as a National holiday to celebrate New Year. Even the name of the month was given by him as January was named after Janus who was the Roman God of Doors and Gates. 

2. Keep Foes Away

new year facts

An interesting unknown fact about New Year is that it is believed that the first person you see on New Year’s Day will either bring you good luck or will bring you bad luck. This is the reason why there is a tradition in many places to celebrate New Year with family and close friends while staying away from rivals. 

3. Sydney Has The Biggest Celebration of New Year

new year facts

The biggest and the most extravagant celebrations of New Year take place in Sydney in Australia. 80,000 fireworks and sometimes, even more, are set off from Sydney’s Harbour Bridge. Next in line for the most exciting celebrations on New Year’s Eve are New York City, Las Vegas, and Disney World. 

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4. Farewell Mr Old Year!

new year facts

A common New Year tradition in Puerto Rico, Cuba and Colombia involves families stuffing a large doll which they call Mr Old Year. This is stuffed with past year’s memories and is dressed in old clothes from the retiring year. Mr Old Year is then bid farewell at midnight by setting him ablaze, thus, burning away all the bad memories along with him. 

5. The Food You Eat Determines Your Luck

Another unknown fact about New Year is that the food consumed during the celebrations determines your luck. It is believed that eating black-eyed peas, cabbage and ham brings you good luck because they bring prosperity. However, eating lobster and chicken is often avoided because they are believed to cause a reversal in fortune. This is so because lobsters are capable of moving backwards and chickens are capable of scratching in reverse. 

greek cake on new year

A cake called Vasilopita is baked in Greece with a silver or gold coin inside the cake. Whosoever receives the piece of cake which has the coin inside it is said to have good luck for the rest of the coming year. Twelve grapes are eaten at midnight on New Year’s Eve by people in Spain to bring happiness for the coming 12 months. 

6. Resolutions 

New Year’s resolutions were first believed to be made by the ancient Babylonians. Promises were made by them to begin off the year in the right manner and for seeking the approval of the Gods they worshipped. 

history of new year resolution

Some of the most common New Year resolutions made by people are usually to begin eating healthier, lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking, stick to a budget plan, save money, and find a better job, along with others. 


These unknown facts about New Year are surprisingly amazing. For ages, on January 1st, New Year will be celebrated worldwide by people belonging to all cultures and nations.

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