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Fascinating Facts About South Korea

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Many people are interested in gaining knowledge of additional information about South Korea these days. Some human beings revel in K-Pop and K-Dramas, at the same time as others need to research Korean so they will travel to Seoul. Whatever the case might also be, we have got you covered! Here are the most exciting facts about South Korea, without further ado!  

Interesting Facts About South Korea 

Some more interesting facts about South Korea are:

1. Seoul Is A Colossal Metropolis

facts about South Korea | Trending Reader

You’re probably aware that Seoul is a large city – after all, it is by far South Korea’s most important metropolis by a landslide. It is the capital metropolis, having a population of 25 million people. It’s no longer just a big city; it’s become the world’s third-largest metropolis! Although navigating a heavily populated metropolis can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before, once you’ve spent more than one day there, the metropolis may become quite approachable and intuitive. 

With so many people congregating in one place, you’ll have access to an allegedly endless number of restaurants, shopping malls, and businesses to try out throughout your vacation. In more than one day, or maybe more than one month, there are an excessive number of things. 

2. The Koreas – North And South Are Still At Odds

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By now, you’re aware that Korea is an area in East Asia divided among countries: North Korea, formally known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and South Korea, which is known as the Republic of Korea. We frequently pay attention to information about possible threats from North Korea; maximum Koreans don’t assume a great deal of it. 

While dwelling right here in South Korea, it nearly seems like a very secure situation. The Koreas won’t be fighting it out on an everyday basis, however, they nevertheless haven’t made up. In the year 1953, the 2 facets agreed to a truce.

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3. South Korea Boasts Asia’s Largest Drinking Culture

facts about soju

If you haven’t heard about this hilarious fact of South Korean reality, here’s everything you need to know: Koreans are huge fans of booze, to the point where they’ve dominated the drinking scene in every Asian country.

According to a 2017 study conducted by the World Health Organization, South Koreans over the age of 15 consume an average of 9-10 liters of alcohol per year. They celebrate practically every vacation with soju, a local fermented rice drink with a 19 percent alcohol content. 

4. South Korea Is The World’s Center For Cosmetic Surgery

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When it involves amusing information about South Korea, this one’s the most famous or the most notorious, relying on the way you see it. While nevertheless taboo in different Asian international locations and the western world, a plastic surgical operation is embraced in South Korea, and parents there even inspire their kids to get it earlier than beginning university. 

South Korea is stated to place Caucasian appearance in excessive regard, this means that they generally have surgical procedures to get double eyelids, an extended nose, and a pointier chin. This appearance became popularized among Korean celebrities first, then everybody else followed. 

5. Korean War

On the 14th of March, 1951 Seoul switched arms for the fourth time, as UN soldiers unburdened the South Korean capital once more. Fighting had wreaked havoc on the metropolis, reducing its population to a sliver of what it was before the conflict.


South Korea is certainly full of surprises. These fun facts about South Korea positively hold us curious about the house of K-dramas and K-pop idols.

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