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Mistakes You Make While Phone Charging And How To Avoid Them?

Mistakes You Make While Phone Charging
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Almost everyone nowadays uses smartphones to meet their technological and professional needs. Mobile phones have all kinds of functions, which make our life more convenient and interesting. After a certain period of time, people understand just how crucial a long battery life is. But sometimes, we end up making some phone charging mistakes. This article will discuss common mistakes you make while phone charging.

A Glance At Phone Charging Mistakes

When the device shows some malfunctions with the battery, then people complain about how modern technology just can’t stand the test of time and how they are deliberately designed that way. However, this is not the case; modern phones are created with comprehensive optimization to ensure optimal battery life. For this, you must correct your simple charging behaviours in case you are performing them incorrectly. Below are some of the ways to prevent some common charging mistakes when charging your smartphone.

Avoid These Mistakes You Make While Phone Charging

1. Not To Use Phone, While It’s Charging

Most of us probably believe that using your phone while it is charging is bad for the battery. This is a misunderstanding as well. When you connect your phone in, whether you use it or you don’t, your device charges either way. The problem is that while it’s charging, we shouldn’t make any phone calls. The battery gets warm and heats up while the phone is set for charging, and if we call at the same time, the battery is likely to burn out at a very high rate.  

2. Being Afraid Of Utilizing A Charger From Another Brand 

For the vast majority of iPhone users, this is perfectly okay. There are a plethora of chip off-band chargers available. Some iPhone owners believe that using a charger which is different from the one supplied with the phone is likely to ruin the battery life. This is a complete load of rubbish. 

Some off-brand chargers may take longer to charge, but if the excellent one works just like your original charger, your battery will not be harmed. So, don’t be worried that charging the battery of your device with a charger that is a different brand than the one that came with the phone would harm it; this is a myth. 

3. Believing That Turning Your Phone Off May Harm The Battery

Well, this could happen to your phone in the future, but not on a regular basis. Furthermore, rebooting the smartphone may improve some of the features and their performance, as well as the battery function. If you don’t think about turning off your phone, you’ll destroy the battery if you need to restart it.

4. Attempting To “Train” Your Batteries

This false belief is that we do not charge our phones until they are entirely depleted, and then we recharge them from zero to full power. People believe that this will improve our phone’s battery capacity beyond anything we’ve seen previously.

However, this is a myth as well. This is a futile attempt since batteries have fixed capacities. The reason why your phone battery drains so quickly with the duration of time that it is used is due to a feature reduction.

5. Drawbacks Of Charging Phone Overnight

Most people do have the routine habit of going through their phones before going to bed. We stay in bed till our phone batteries die, watching videos, reading online news, playing games, and chatting with pals.

We don’t charge it since we can’t pull the charger out when the power is full while we’re sleeping, and we’re afraid that charging it overnight may harm the battery. It does not imply that we can leave our phones charged all the time and not worry about the battery dying.

6. Freezing The Battery To Extend Its Life

Some people believe that lowering the temperature will extend the life of their phone’s battery. This misunderstanding has prevailed for quite some time. This conduct, on the other hand, is extremely detrimental to your phone. Instead of prolonging its life, this technique simply impairs it even quicker.

7. Using Battery Apps

Many free apps are available to assist you in keeping track of your battery’s performance. These can be really useful, but it’s often a better decision if you prevent their usage on your phone unless the manufacturer has suggested the apps as well. Many of these drain your battery and even install unwanted advertising on your phone.

8. Waiting Till It’s 0%

Make sure that the battery of the smartphone stays between 20 percent and 80 percent charged if you want it to last longer. 

When you charge a battery from 0 to 100, you get 

With the extreme strain on the battery, the battery dies, battery life is dwindling, and chemical component changes. The phone should be plugged into a charger as soon as it hits 20%. This method will ensure that the battery timings and life are extended.


With all of this, we simply need to make some adjustments to our procedures. It may be difficult at first, but it will become easier with time. These cell phones are more of an investment in our life, and as such, they must be properly maintained and cared for. Your phone’s battery life could be considerably enhanced if you take a few precautions to save yourself from the mistakes you make while phone charging.

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