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Bizarre & Unusual Architectures: 25 Most Weird Buildings In World

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Our world is full of awe-inspiring wonders like bioluminescent lakes underwater forests, and the list is endless. But have you ever noticed any bizarre architectures? If not, this article is for you. Many architects and builders have built various modern and contemporary architecture that not only follows contemporary rules but also generates a sense of awe among the viewers and visitors. This article is dedicated to the most weird buildings in the world that awestruck us! 

List Of 25 Unusual Structures And Most Weird Buildings In World 

Below, we have enlisted a few weird buildings in the world. Read on more to find out! 

1. The Crooked House (Poland)

Poland's Mind-Melting Crooked House

This is one of the most weird buildings in world! The crooked house in Poland was built in 2004 and is known as the “showpiece of Sopot! 

2. Cybertecture Office Building (India) 

Virtualising Mumbai. The Cybertecture Egg by James Law & Ove Arup -  Industry Leaders Magazine

Inspired by a poultry farm, this eccentric architectural framework was planned and designed by architect James Law from Hong Kong. 

3. Atomium ( Belgium) 

Atomium Brussels: Interesting Facts and Features - We Build Value

This fine architecture was built for the 1958 World Fair and also to celebrate the metal age and honor the metal industry. 

4. Nautilus House ( Mexico) 

Nautilus House in Naucalpan, Mexico by J|Organic House

The Nautilus House is built in the shape of a shell, as the other name of the shell is Nautilus. This is a true example of bio-inspired architecture. 

5. House Attack ( Austria) 

Erwin Wurm [Austria] (b 1954) ~ "House Attack", 2006. House at the upper  external side of the building of Mus… | Online architecture, Unique  buildings, Architecture

The house looks as if it has fallen from heaven, just like meteors hit different planets in our solar system! 

6. Cubic Houses ( Netherlands) 

Cube Houses in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Designed by Piet Blom, considered an  architectural marvel. - Picture of Rotterdam, South Holland Province -  Tripadvisor

Cubic houses are built in the Netherlands to optimize the living space inside the houses. 

7. Montreal Biosphere ( Canada) 

The Biosphere Environment Museum in Montreal celebrates 25 years

This museum is dedicated to the Montreal environment! This is one of the most weird buildings in the world. 

8. Wonderworks ( USA) 

WonderWorks Orlando 2022 - Viator

The building is built in an upside-down fashion and is known as an “ edutainment “ building. 

9. The Basket Building (USA) 

The Basket Building | Series 'Top 16 most amazing buildings of the planet'

This building was once the headquarters of the Longaberger maple wood basket-making company! 

10. Kunsthaus (Austria) 

Kunsthaus, Graz - Peter Cook Colin Fournier | Arquitectura Viva

It is also known as the Graz art Museum! 

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11. Mind House ( Spain) 

Mind House (Barcelona, Spain) : r/bizarrebuildings

This bizarre building was built by Antoni Gaudi!

12. Stone House (Portugal) 

Portugal's Stone House | ArchDaily

This building was built from four large rocks, which made its walls and ceilings. 

13. Lotus Temple ( India) 

The Lotus Temple - a Blossom of Inspiring Architecture in India - Places To  See In Your Lifetime

Built in the shape of the sacred Lotus, this temple is a true example of architectural elegance.

14. Kansas City Library (USA) 

Public Library in Kansas City, KS | Kansas city library, Unusual buildings,  Beautiful library

The Kansas City library was established in 1873 as the public school library of Kansas City. 

15. Rotating Tower (UAE) 

dubai rotating building - Google Search | Unusual buildings, Unique  buildings, Dynamic architecture

This moving skyscraper is also popularly known as the “ Dynamic Tower. “

16. Eden Project (United Kingdom) 

Eden Project: The World's Largest Indoor Rainforest | Langstone Cliff Hotel

The  Eden Project was built with the mission to connect people and nature! 

17. Wooden Gagster House (Russia) 

The rise and fall of Russia's sole wooden 'skyscraper

This incomplete house was the dream house of Russian crime Lord Nicolai Petrovich Sutyagin.

18. Toilet Shaped House (South Korea) 

Do You Know About the Toilet House in South Korea? | Waterless Co Inc.

This toilet-shaped house was built by Sim Jae-Duck. 

19. Piano And Violin Building (China) 

Piano House - Unusual Places

This is considered as one of the romantic buildings of China, which lights up at night to look all ethereal and heavenly! 

20. Crystal Island (Russia) 

World's Biggest Building Coming to Moscow: Crystal Island

This is a future project of Moscow, which is thoroughly ready to become the largest architecture in the world. 

21. BMW Welt (Germany) 

Pin on Striking Architecture

This building uses steel panels to regulate the internal temperature of the building. 

22. The UFO Houses ( Taiwan) 

Taiwan: The flying saucer houses | Amazing buildings, Architecture,  Architecture building

This resort building was deserted in 1980 due to unusual deaths during the construction. Many legends could be heard regarding these houses. 

23. Indira Gandhi Planetarium ( India) 

Indira Gandhi Planetarium | 15 Buildings That Don't Look Like Buildings |

The architectural plan of this building was inspired by the shape of Saturn, which is unique and amazing at the same time. 

24. Performing Arts Center (UAE) 

Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Center by Zaha Hadid Architects

This is the future dream project of Zaha Hadid Architects, which will begin construction soon. 

25. Wing Shape Zayed National Museum ( UAE) 

Zayed National Museum: The New Futuristic Museum opening in Abu Dhabi in  2022

The towers of this building are made from lightweight steel, featuring those of a bird’s wings. 


These were some of the most weird buildings in the world. You can plan a visit to watch these quirky and strange buildings, which will not only amaze you but will leave you open-minded mouthed! 

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