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Top 20 Native American Spirit Animals & Their Meanings

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Native American tradition believes that all human beings are associated with a totem animal, who acts as a guide in the journey of our life! But before moving further and knowing about the various spirit animals And their Native American animal meanings, let us learn a little about Totemism! 


Totemism is a Native American system of religious belief that preaches that all the human beings on this earth have a mystical relationship with a spiritual guide, which could be any animal or plant. Each totem symbolizes a badge of a tribe or clan! 

Significance Of Totem Animals

totem animals| Native American Spirit Animals| Trending Reader


The Native American tradition believes that one spiritual totem animal acts as a guardian figure throughout our lives. They guide us in the mission that we have embarked on in this life! It is not necessary to spend time with an animal to connect with them. Rather they choose you over you choosing them! 

Now that we have learned what a totem animal is, let us now learn about the 20  native American totem animals and their Native American animal meanings. 

20 Spirit Animals In Native American Religion And Their Native American Animal Meanings

In this section, we have listed 20 different Native American spirit animals and their meanings in Native American tradition! 

1. Ant 

Ants: Native American Spirit Animals | Trending Reader

Ant symbolizes unity, hard work, sacrifice, and honesty. Thus, people whose spirit totem is an ant are honest and hardworking. Ants help their tribe to overcome their life obstacles. 

2. Albatross

Albatross: Native American Spirit Animals | Trending Reader

Albatross symbolizes freedom, wanderlust, and sensitive nature. Albatross helps in the healing process of their tribe. 

3. Bear

Bear: Native American Spirit Animals | Trending Reader

Bear totem animals symbolize power, strength, willpower, and great courage. People whose spirit animal is bear brings peace and courage to their life. 

4. Butterfly

Butterfly: Native American Spirit Animals | Trending Reader

A butterfly spirit animal resembles happiness, healing power, joy, carefree nature, metamorphosis, and peace. Butterflies are believed to bring transformation and spiritual change in the lives of their clan! They also bring luck and peace. 

5. Cat 

Cat: Native American Spirit Animal | Trending Reader

A cat, as a Native American spiritual animal, is associated with affection, secrets, and mystery. People associated with cat spirit animals will show intelligence and spiritual enlightenment. 

6. Cheetah

cheetah: Native American Spirit Animal | Trending Reader

The Cheetah spirit animal possesses qualities like speed, courage, and determination. People who have a mystical connection with Cheetah are focused on their lives and are confident enough about their mission in life. 

7. Deer 

DEER: Native American Spirit Animal | Trending Reader

The Deer as a spirit animal represents grace and elegance. People connected with deer totem bring good luck and gentleness in others’ lives. 

8. Dove 

Dove Symbolism & Spiritual Meanings Of Dove Spirit Animal | Trending Reader

A dove is a symbol of gratefulness, gentleness, love, and peace. They bring more luck and make room for more peace and harmony into the lives of their tribe. 

9. Eagle

Eagle Spirit Animal - Trending Reader

Eagle is associated with focus, adventure, vision, and devotion towards the ultimate goal of life. People associated with the eagle totem rise above the worldly pleasures of life and seek the ultimate meaning of life. 

10. Elk 

ELK: Totem Animal | Trending Reader

Elk totem is a symbol of strength and power. Elk protects and guides its clan and reminds its family about being gentle and noble. 

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11. Flamingo

Flamingo: Native American Spirit Animal | Trending Reader

A flamingo represents balance, wisdom, vision. They bring brightness, joy, and fun to one’s life. 

12. Falcon

Falco: Totem Animal | Trending Reader

A falcon is associated with fearlessness, freedom, and intelligence. This spirit animal ignites the power of vision and makes one aware of their purpose in life. 

13. Goose 

Goose Animal Totem - Trending Reader

A goose is associated with fertility, team spirit, wisdom, and vigilance. They help to attain spiritual enlightenment and ultimate freedom from worldly affairs. 

14. Giraffe

Giraffe| Totem Animal | Trending Reader

A Giraffe spirit animal is represented as someone who is peaceful, intelligent, clever, and gentle. If your spirit animal is a giraffe, you are most likely to be a peace-loving, calm, and happy-minded individual. 

15. Horse 

Horse: American Spirit Animals | Trending Reader

The horse represents strength, agility, grace, and freedom. Horse totem guides its clan to cherish the beauty in every moment of their lives. They also bring eternal freedom to one’s journey of life. 

16. Hummingbird

Hummingbird Facts - Trending Reader

Hummingbird spirit animals are associated with good luck, health, and joy. They are also known to neutralize any negative energy that surrounds their family or tribe. People connected with hummingbirds are mostly optimistic and adaptive in their lives. 

17. Peacock

Peacock: Spirit Animal | Trending Reader

Peacocks symbolize beauty, royalty, grace, dignity, and pride. Peacock guides its clan to face the difficulties of life with utmost determination, optimism, and courage. 

18. Raven 

Raven: Totem Animals | Trending Reader

Ravens are associated with magic, self-realization, transformation, and courage. Raven spirit animals help to fight our inner demons and bring positive changes in our lives. 

19. Swan

Swan: Totem Animals | Trending Reader

Swan resembles grace, cleverness, love, beauty, and elegance. Individuals associated with swan experience positive changes in their lives. Swan also has divine healing abilities. 

20. Unicorn

Horse Totem Animal | Trending Reader

Unicorns are associated with purity, dreams, spiritual, cosmic energy, and healing powers. A person associated with a unicorn spirit animal receives good luck, health, and prosperity throughout their life. 


This article has listed a few spirit animals and their aboriginal. But, it is equally important to identify and reconcile with your spirit animal. If you are not able to recognize your spirit animal, manifest your spirit animal! Ask them to reveal themselves to you. They can appear in your dreams, and you can frequently confront them in any other form. 

Spirit animals come to our lives to help us in the journey of our life. They are the guardian of our inner soul. It is also important to note that we can connect with multiple spirit animals throughout our lives. 

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