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All You Need To Know About Disneyland And Disney World

Disneyland And Disney World
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Disneyland and Disney World are Disney-themed amusement parks owned by Disney. They have multiple parks across the world. Have you ever wondered how many Disney Worlds are there and how many Disneylands are there in the world? Ever wondered which is the biggest Disneyland? We will be going through Disney World’s Castle and Birthday celebrations at Disney World in today’s article along with all the other questions you might be having about the Disney amusement parks, including the cost of Disneyland vs Disney World. Let’s begin!

Real Disney Land – Disney World’s Castle, Birthday Celebrations At Disney World

The Disney World and Disneyland castle are very famous among Disney content lovers. The Disney logo originally included a drawing of Cinderella Castle, which is situated at both Disney World, and Disneyland. The castles serve as the flagship feature and attraction for visitors from all over. If you are looking to celebrate your birthday at Disney World, keep reading.

Disney World’s Castle

Celebrating birthdays at Disney World is sure to be a memorable experience for the birthday boy/girl. All one needs to do to celebrate their birthday at Disney World is collect their Magic Birthday Button from the Guest Services department at Disney World, and they get immediate birthday benefits – 

  1. A special Signature Dining experience can be booked for your loved one’s special day at Disney World. 
  1. You can celebrate with your favourite Disney character by booking a delightful Character Dining experience.
  1. A Disney World hotel room can be decorated according to the liking of your loved one, along with the Disney World Resort Room Celebration pack.
  1. A Disney Gift Card, personalized with a birthday greeting card can be gifted to your loved one. The gift card can be used throughout Disney World – for meals, merchandise, special experiences, and park tickets as well!

Keep reading, to find out how many Disneylands are there in the world and which is the biggest Disneyland.

Birthday celebrations at Disney World

List Of Disneylands – How Many Disneylands Are There In The World?

There are a total of five Disneyland theme parks across the world, and they are –

1. Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, California

Disney world’s castle

2. Disneyland Resorts, Paris

Disneyland Paris

3. Tokyo Disneyland Resort and Disney Sea

Tokyo Disneyland Resort and Disney Sea

4. Shanghai Disneyland Resort

Shanghai Disneyland Resort

5. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Which Is The Biggest Disneyland?

Shanghai Disneyland is the biggest Disneyland in the whole world, sprawling across nearly 963 acres, consisting of exciting rides, enchanting shows, and taste-bud-tantalizing food! An experienced Disneyland visitor describes Disneyland as “…a magical wonderland where you can ignite the imagination within your heart… With attractions and adventures fit for the whole family… will give you a memorable experience.” 

Some Highlights Of Shanghai Disneyland

  • Seven Dwarf Mine Train
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
  • Pirates of The Caribbean Battle for Sunken Treasure
Pirates of The Caribbean Battle for Sunken Treasure
  • Roaring Rapids
roaring rapids shanghai disneyland
  • Shanghai Disneyland thrill rides
Shanghai Disneyland thrill rides
  • Fine dining experience at Aurora, an authentic Asian fare at The Crystal Jade, or some quick snacks at the street bistro, ll Paperino

Keep reading to know the number of Disney Worlds in the world

List Of Disney Worlds – How Many Disney Worlds Are There?

Are you wondering how many Disney Worlds are there? Well, there is one, just one Disney World in the whole world, and that is in Orlando, Florida. However, that one theme park is huge enough to last a visitor for 2 whole days at the very least! 

It sprawls for over 25,000 acres. Yes, you read that right – two five zero zero zero acres! It was established nearly 50 years ago and comprises four separate theme parks within itself. 

1. Magic Kingdom

Disney Magic Kingdom

2. Animal Kingdom

disney animal kingdom

3. Epcot

Disney Epcot

4. Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Which Is The Biggest Disney World?

There exists only one Disney World in the entire world, so there’s no ‘biggest’ Disney World.

The Difference Between Disneyland and Disney World

Disneyland and Disney World are both entities of Disney. Disneyland had been established by Walt Disney himself, and Disney World was established a few years after the death of Walt Disney. 

DisneylandDisney World
Disneyland Shanghai covers nearly 963 acres of land.Disney World covers a massive 25,000 acres of land.
It has two theme parks – Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park. Disney World has four theme parks – Magic KingdomAnimal KingdomEPCOTDisney’s Hollywood Studios
Disneyland opened in Anaheim in 1955.Disney World opened in Orlando in 1971.
A one-day ticket to Disneyland starts at $104 for guests 3 years and above in age.A one-day ticket to Magic Kingdom starts at $109 for guests 3 years and above in age. 
The weather at Disneyland is cool and pleasant.The weather at Disney World is hot and humid.
There are three hotels owned by Disney at Disneyland.Over 35 hotels at Disney World are owned by Disney.
The park being smaller in size, it is easier to move around and explore.The park is humongous and one needs to use various means of transport at their own expense to reach their destination within the park.
Disneyland boasts of 90+ adventure rides.Disney World boasts 165 rides and attractions.

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Cost Of Disneyland vs Disney World

The cost of Disneyland vs Disney World is approximately the same. One-day tickets at both Disneyland and Disney World start at $104 dollars. The price per day goes down as the number of days increases. However, Disney World might be more expensive than Disneyland when it comes to other expenses, which include hiring transportation vehicles to move around the place. Disneyland proves to be the better choice when it comes to costs. 

Both Disneyland and Disney World are amusement, theme parks owned and operated by Disney. While Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California, Disney World is located in Orlando, Florida. They both are distinct from each other in many terms, though some of the main attractions like Disney World’s Castle, Cinderella Castle, and a few selected thrill rides are common to both parks.

While Disneyland is the more cost-effective choice for budget-friendly travelers, Disney World is the place to go if you’re looking forward to spending 3-5 days full of fun, adventure, and travel! We hope your doubts about birthday celebrations at Disney World and the cost of Disneyland vs Disney World were clear through this information. 


In this article, we have covered how many Disney Worlds are there and how many Disneylands are there in the world. We hope this article answers all your questions about which is the biggest Disneyland and Disney World’s Castle, Cinderella Castle. Keep following Trending Reader for more such articles!

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