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Covaxin Versus Covishield – A Basic Guide With Differences

Covaxin Versus Covishield - A Basic Guide With Differences
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  • Covaxin Versus Covishield will become a matter of importance as the third phase of vaccination begins
  • There are some significant differences between the two types of vaccines
  • Get the second dose on time for safety.

Vaccination has begun in India for quite a few months now, and the two chief vaccines which have been developed indigenously are Covaxin and Covishield. Both of these vaccines have proved to be very effective against the covid-19 pandemic virus. Both of these vaccines have proved to be very helpful in life-saving ventures. Although the government has not allowed the people to choose which vaccine they will receive from the state, it might become a possibility in the third phase of vaccination from 1st May.

The third-party vendors can sell the vaccines from 1st May. It is where you get to decide whether Covaxin or Covishield. Let us make a comparison of both of these vaccines to ensure the best possible option for you. Let’s know the basic guide in Covaxin Versus Covishield. 

Covaxin Vaccine

Covaxin has been developed by the Pune’s Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech in a collaboration. It seems to be very effective against the infection with a great efficacy rate. The vaccine has undergone the third trial, and it is to be seen whether it helps India in the second wave of pandemic or not. 


There has been some ambiguity in the price of the vaccines. Covaxin has been fixed at 600 INR for the state and 1200 INR for the private hospitals currently for the third phase of vaccination. One can get these Covaxin vaccines free of cost at government hospitals. 

Covaxin Vaccine

Covaxin has shown quite a good amount of efficacy at present. It has shown about 78 percent in the second interim analysis. At present, scientists are predicting that the vaccine has 100 percent efficacy against covid-19.

Covishield Vaccine

Covishield has been developed with the help of Oxford University in collaboration with AstraZeneca. It has also proved to be a helpful aid in countering the overall infection rate in India.


Covishield vaccine is being sold at 400 INR for the state and about 600 INR in private hospitals. There is some ambiguity about the prices after the third phase of vaccination begins. 


It has been stated that the overall efficacy of Covishield is about 70%. It can be over 90% if the individual takes the complete dose after one month. 

Time of dosage

When you are taking the Covaxin dose, the second conjecture will be within 4 to 6 weeks. If you are being administered Covishield, then you must take the next dosage within 4 to 8 weeks. There is no such Covaxin Versus Covishield information about this. 

The Comparision: Covaxin Versus Covishield

Covaxin is a type of inactivated vaccine which has been prepared by trial and test method of dead viruses. It is a common approach of high-risk-based vaccines and is often used in several cases. It also prevents Poliovirus. 

Covishield has been designed by using the viral factor platform. It is a relatively uncommon technology used for inoculation development. It is also one of the uncommon practices in genetic modification.


At present, the government is not providing any option regarding the choice of vaccine by the individual. When you would have the option to choose between the two, you can go for any of these based on your preference. Make sure to get the second dose on time for effective results.

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