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How Did India’s Digital Drive Gain Praise From Two Top Businessmen?

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India’s digital drive has progressed quite a bit over the past few years. It is really showing how the present government has been able to deal with the cashless scenario. Two posts were recently shared by some of the most prominent businessmen in the world and it has opened up the vision that the digital drive of India is going on pretty well. 

Paytm had its mega IPO kick-off in recent hours, CEO Vijay Shankar Sharma has shared some great information in which we can see that the nation has become quite adapted to the use of online transactions.

Words Of Praise For India’s Digital Drive

Vijay Sharma has posted an image that can explain India’s digital drive in its accurate terms. It showed a man who had been selling street food using an online mode of payment in order to be convenient for the customers. The photo has shown that there are QR stickers that are stuck to his cart of food. 

The customers can easily use the sticker to scan the code and make their payment to the seller. The steps like these show how far the nation has become in promoting the digital economy for the people in the nation. It is indeed a proud moment!

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Common Online Payments In The Nation

Digital payments have become quite an important part of the life of India’s digital drive. There is proper information regarding the fact that most people access the online payment mode for most transactions. The behavior has come to be even more prominent after the banning of 500 and 1000 rupees notes in 2016, most people are not willing to keep cash in their hands for such events. 

Along with this, Mahindra Group Chairman, Anand Mahindra has recently made a post to describe the growth of digital payments in India. The cartoonish image has gained a huge amount of praise throughout the nation.

The Drive To Be Continued…

India’s digital drive was to make sure that most of the people have bank accounts to their name and they are able to continue transactions with each other. The mission has come to fruition within a less amount of time. There will be several more miles to go before deciding that the mission has been a success! 

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