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The Most Famous Freedom Fighters In American History

Freedom fighters in American history
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The Freedom fighters in American history are remembered everywhere in the country. We travel the streets that bear the names of freedom fighters of America, read about them in textbooks at schools and universities, and watched movies about them. The history reveals a lot of famous American freedom fighters’ names with a special mention to black freedom fighters of America battling racism and uniting for freedom. Even the female freedom fighters of America vocalized women’s rights on the streets. 

We understand the reason for what they did is so significant today, but do we truly comprehend the significance of the struggle for freedom? Can we battle for freedom on our own, or did these great historical figures already accomplish everything that was possible? The non-comprehendible struggle they went through to achieve what we cherish today as sacred freedom. Below are the most famous freedom fighters in American history.

Freedom Fighters In American History 

A member in the movement of resistance against a repressive political or social system is described as a “freedom fighter” by the dictionaries. Do the lives and actions of the illustrious freedom warriors, however, fit this dry definition? The answer should be, no. They not only “took part” but they also significantly altered their nation’s or maybe the entire world’s culture. 

Let’s examine the history of freedom fighters of America whose names all have undoubtedly heard of but who may still be unknown to everyone in order to discover what truly unites them. 

1. Thomas Jefferson

One of the most well-known freedom fighters in American history who fought for independence is Thomas Jefferson. Even though he contributed greatly to his nation, he only chose a small number of his deeds to be immortalized on his obelisk. He is the “Father of the University of Virginia”, the “Author of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom”, and the “Author of the Declaration of American Independence”. 

This reveals a lot about his character and what this well-known freedom warrior saw as his life’s most significant accomplishments. 

2. British King, George III

The British King, George III was bravely reminded that he “is no more than the chief officer of the people, appointed by the laws, and circumscribed with definite powers, to assist in working the great machine of government” in his author’s first political work, “Summary View of the Rights of British America”. 

The mention of famous American freedom fighters’ names is incomplete without the mention of these four freedom fighters in American history: 

3. Husband E. Kimmel

Husband E. Kimmel received controversies as admiral during the World War 2 discussion, especially for the Pearl Harbour attack. But only a few know about his valuable contribution to the American Civil War during his youth. 

4. John J. Pershing

The valuable contribution of John J. Pershing to the American military is highly appreciable. Along with the allies, he led America to victory during World War 1. 

5. Thomas Baker

Thomas Baker was a US army soldier who received the highest military honour for his extraordinary patriotism during World War 2. He was found dead with eight dead Japanese soldiers around him. 

6. George Marshall Jr.

Often called the “victory organizer” of World War 2, George Marshall Jr. raised the standards of the American army. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Battling Racism – Black Freedom Fighters Of America

Along with the battles for freedom, the battle of racism was fought side by side. Whenever black freedom fighters of America are mentioned, Black Seminoles were the most outstanding black freedom fighters in America’s history. They were known for leading the largest ever rebellion against the slave culture during 1835-42. Some of the famous revolutionaries are:

Black Freedom Fighters Of America

7. Black Seminoles

Black Seminoles carried out several wars in American freedom history against the slave culture. However, they were the forgotten black freedom fighters of America who barely got any mention in books. 

8. Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass, an active reformer and former slavery victim, spoke against slavery and racism. He was the first African American to be nominated for the post of Vice President of the US.

9. Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman, a victim of slavery, fought for her freedom and carried out approximately 13 missions to evacuate people from slavery with the help of antislavery activists. Later, Harriet, one of the best female black freedom fighters of America, fought for the rights of women and also served in the army during the Civil war.

10. William Lloyd Garrison

One of the founders of the Antislavery Society, William always spoke against antislavery and promoted “no governmentalism”. He openly supported his views on antislavery and women’s rights in his newspaper articles. 

female freedom fighters of America

Female Contribution- Female Freedom Fighters Of America

During the slave rebellion, female antislavery society circulated and brought women out of their homes to come forward and fight for their rights. Many organizations were formed for the submission of petitions against women’s slavery. Thousands of petitions were signed and sent to Washington DC. No result came out as the petitions were seen but never discussed. Several antislavery groups gathered from across the country. 

famous american freedom fighters names

This was the first time that such a large convention of women gathered together to promote a cause. This society cum rebellion was led by Lucretia Mott and Mary S. Parker. This also included Lydia Maria Child, Abby Ann Cox, Grace Douglass, Ann Carroll Fitzhugh Smith, and Sarah Grimke. 

Various delegates from the society were sent across the world to promote the antislavery movement. These brave female freedom fighters of America led the rebellion to Pennsylvania Hall which faced a lot of backlashes. The scheduled meetings were constantly disrupted by the attacking mob outside the building. 

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