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How To Rent GF In Japan? Girls Worth Spending Money

how to rent gf in japan
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Renting individuals is probably one of the oddest phenomena in Japan’s rental industry. You may also rent practically anyone you can think of! Rental buddies, partners, girlfriends, hostesses, and even rental mid-guys are all available! This guide will reveal the information about Rental Services in Japan and how to rent gf in Japan. Know what is the cost of renting a gf in Japan.

Rental Services In Japan

One of the more pricey people-renting services is the rental boyfriend/girlfriend. On websites that provide these services, women’s and men’s profiles with photos are available. If you want to rent a lover or girlfriend, you can select someone from the site’s database and then go on a date with them. You must pay them hourly throughout the date, including their transportation fees, as well as cover the costs of everything you do during the date. Most of these rental girlfriends/boyfriends have hourly pricing of around $50, so it can get rather pricey!

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On the other hand, an hourly rate for a site that caters to middle-aged males is around ten dollars. There are profiles of the men, or ‘ossan,’ on this site, with information about them and what they can accomplish if rented. You can go on dates with people who aren’t married, and most of them will listen to your worries. You can communicate directly with the men via email about what you want to do together.

How To Rent Gf In Japan?

If you are planning a vacation to Japan and are lonely and don’t have anyone to accompany you across the country, you can surely use this way, but the rental girlfriend services are not as inexpensive as you may believe. In fact, it’s much more expensive than the genuine article.

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What Is The Cost Of Renting A GF In Japan?

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The cost of borrowing a girlfriend ranges from 13,000 to 15,000 yen ($120-140) for just two hours, but it doesn’t end there. You must pay a 1,000 yen nomination fee plus an additional 3,000 yen for a yukata, swimwear, or even a cosplay date, plus her travel fees. When it comes to travel, this rental service is only available to those who live near or in Osaka, Kobe, or Kyoto.

You may even rent family or friends in Japan. When do you believe you’ll need to rent out friends or family members? Based on the past rentals upon these sites that provide these services, there are a variety of instances in which renting a family member or friend could be beneficial. For example, if parents are too busy at work to look after their children, they can hire a mother. You can even hire a companion to encourage you if you feel like you’ll give up halfway through a jog. Renting a friend to go out to a concert with, renting parents to conduct a formal apology at work with you, and so on are some other instances.


Rental Services in Japan appear to be here to stay, as many of them provide inexpensive, convenient, and effective alternatives. Rental media and fashion, particularly in Tokyo, where you may not have a lot of flat rooms to store items, make it easy to acquire new things without cluttering your place. This is how to rent gf in Japan.

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