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Evil Eye Symbol – Know The History Of The Ancient Symbol Of Protection

Evil Eye Symbol
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Highlights :

  • Evil eye or the ‘evil glare’ will bring you bad luck.
  • The concept of the Evil eye dates back to 6th century Greek and Roman history .
  • Evil eye symbol protection jewelry is the most trendy way to protect yourself from the evil eye.

A growing trend has made people of all age groups wear a blue topaz eye, called ‘the evil eye’, as a piece of jewelry. It is designed to “stare back at you”. The evil eye symbol is believed to be a curse and people think that it is cast by a malevolent glare. In many cultures, it is considered to bring misfortune and bad luck to whoever gets it. It is usually seen in blue color, but modern-day evil eye might be available in a wide range of colors. 

Due to the COVID-19 impact, the evil eye has been gaining a lot of attention due to heavy social media influence. Famous celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Meghan Markle have been seen wearing ‘the evil eye’ in various forms. Nowadays, it is believed that ‘the evil eye’ wards off negative energy and keeps you safe.

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The Meaning

The evil eye is believed to be a curse that first emerged in Greek culture, but it has made its way to other cultures and has spread across the borders. It is said that if someone is envious of you, they have the power to give you the ‘evil glare’ which can bring you bad luck and unwanted trouble. 

This belief led to people seeking protection from the evil eye. And the modern jewelry that has emerged recently is the perfect combination of ancient belief and fashion. It’s a match!

The History

The evil eye emerged about 5000 years ago, almost with the Upper Paleolithic Age. The symbol is found across cultures and religions and had noticeable significance in Jewish, Muslim, and Christian religions. 

The evil eye, also called the ‘mati’, dates back to Greek classical antiquity, where it appeared in the 6th Century BC on drinking vessels. Many classical authors like Plato, Hesiod, Plutarch, and many more, tried to describe and explain the function of the evil eye. The evil eye is believed to be a great threat to any person who is praised or subjected to more appreciation than people think they deserve. It is also called al-ayn in Arabic, throughout the Middle East and Turkey.

Protection From The Evil Eye Symbol

There are a lot of people who believe in the evil eye and are using it as a mode of protection. The best way to have it with you is to wear it as a form of jewelry, but there are other ways as well.

1. Evil Eye Jewelry : Many believers and non-believers agree that the evil eye is fashionably aesthetic and perfect to wear as a piece of minimalistic jewelry. It is the best way to protect yourself and carry the evil eye everywhere as well. The typical evil eye jewelry is of blue and white color.

However different colors are assigned to different purposes in the making of the evil eye. The evil eye can be made into rings, pendants, bracelets, etc.

2. Mirror Talisman : Mirrors are reflective, and spiritual people use them to their advantage. Bad and negative energy senders get their energy reflected on themselves.

So, mirrors help in attaining protection against the evil eye symbol.

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3. Coconut Rituals : Smashing coconuts to drive away bad energy is a custom in many countries. The coconut is believed to represent bad energy.

And by breaking the coconut, you’re breaking the evil eye curse.

4. Magnet Cleanses : There are many traditions where a magnet is passed through you to draw the bad energy away from your body to keep you safe.


The fact that the belief in and the concept of the evil eye symbol are still very much present and significant across cultures and people from all around the world, and the way that it has blended with the fashion taste of today’s youth, is proof that some cultural values are deeply rooted in us. The evil eye protection and its significance are strong across cultures and age groups.

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