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Constitution Day – What Is Constitution And Why Do We Need It?

Constitution Day
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Today marks an important event. Today, Constitution Day is observed in India. What is Constitution Day in India and why we celebrate Constitution Day in India, and finally how Do We Celebrate Constitution Day you may ask? Each year on November 26th, our nation celebrates Constitution Day, often referred to as “Samvidhan Divas,” to mark the promulgation of the Indian Constitution. The Indian Constitution was enacted by the Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949, and it became operative on January 26, 1950. You may have wondered, what is Constitution and why do we need it. 

Constitution Day Of India

what is Constitution and why do we need it

Indian Constitution is a collection of basic foundations or accepted precedents that define how a state or other entity should be run. Through this article, we’ll learn more about what is Constitution Day in India and also the significance of this event. Furthermore, we will address the query of why we celebrate Constitution Day in India and how Do We Celebrate Constitution Day? Let’s begin. 

What Is Constitution And Why Do We Need It?

Written laws that are endorsed by the populace of a nation are found in its constitution. A constitution is important because:

  • It fosters communication and cooperation between the public and the government. 
  • It outlines the nature of a nation’s government and how it ought to operate. 
  • It establishes restrictions on the government’s authority. 

What Is Constitution Day In India?

Once a year on November 26th, India commemorates the adoption of the Constitution of India by observing Constitution Day. The Constituent Assembly approved the Indian Constitution on November 26, 1949, and it went into effect on January 26, 1950.

Why We Celebrate Constitution Day In India?

On November 19, 2015, the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment announced the Indian government’s decision to declare annually November 26th as “Constitution Day” in an effort to instil principles in its populace. 

The Union Cabinet resolved to observe November 26 as Constitution Day in honour of BR Ambedkar’s 125th birthday. The primary goal of this holiday is to raise public understanding of the Constitution and its principles. This day was formerly observed as “National Law Day.” 

How Do We Celebrate Constitution Day — Constitution Day

The Indian government honoured the inaugural Constitution Day through a number of departments. The day has been celebrated in the following manner: 

  • According to the Department of Education and Literacy, every student in every school learned the preamble of the constitution. 
  • There were also essays and debate contests on the topic of the Indian constitution, both online and offline. Each school heard a lecture on the key elements of the constitution.
  • The Ministry of External Affairs instructed embassies to transcribe the constitution into the local dialect of that country and disseminate it to different institutes, libraries, and colleges of Indology. It also ordered that all abroad Indian schools observe November 26 as Constitution Day. 


The Constitution lays the foundational framework for our nation. A constitution is crucial because it guarantees that those who make choices on behalf of the nation do so honestly. It also lays out the methods in which those in positions of authority may be held responsible to the people they are supposed to serve. Hence, it becomes an important notion to uphold such a framework with respect and gratitude. Hence, Constitution Day 2022 marks an exciting celebration. 

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