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Delhi Metro New Rules – The Digitization Of Services By DMRC

Delhi Metro New Rules
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Well, travelling by Metro can be tough sometimes! You might not prefer to go through all those token collections and recharge your smart cards time and again to pay your Metro fare! But, what if we tell you that your life has been made a little easier by the DMRC? Well, yes, you guessed it right! According to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, passengers of Delhi Metro now can pay for their Delhi Metro fare through Debit cards and credit cards. There is no need to collect Delhi Metro tokens or recharge Delhi Metro cards for payment. Things will now work hassle free. Read the below article to the last to know more about Delhi Metro new rules.

Delhi Metro New Rules

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has issued a new rule through which passengers of Delhi Metro can now pay for their fare through their Debit or Credit Cards. AFC or the Automatic Fare Collection systems are in their installation phase by the authority.  Additionally, AFCs already installed at different stations are also being updated. According to reports, now one can pay the metro fare through debit cards and credit cards, money transfer through QR codes, and paper QR tickets, apart from Delhi Metro tokens or smart cards!

The DMRC also announced that in the coming years, everything will be converted to digital mode. Human error-free payments will be encouraged more. Adding to the benefits of Delhi Metro new rules, the DMRC officials also stated that passengers can now use their debit and credit cards as their Delhi Metro cards or smart cards in the future as this facility is now only available at the Airport Express Line in Delhi.

The RuPay Portal To Be Used In The Money Transfer

The Delhi Metro new rulesare already under execution in certain metros like Nagpur. But, one problem that stops people from gaining the full benefit of this is that Metros here only accept payments through Debit and credit cards of some specific banks. But, things in the capital city will really Change for the better.

According to the DMRC, their system is compatible to accept payments in digital mode from different banks through the RuPay Portal system. Thus, anyone and everyone can utilize the digital benefits.

The DMRC has also said that penalty reduction will only be supported through the Delhi Metro card. Point of Sales Terminals will also be established with ticketing machines at Phase 1 and Phase 2 stations. This will aid in the recharging process of the smart cards.

Are We Moving Towards All Things Digital?

Well, it is true to the fact that we are now moving towards all things digital. To make things easier for the passengers, the DMRC has issued a new rule in which passengers can pay their Metro fare through digital mode. The new-age digital fare machines are being installed by the DMRC to aid in the process of payment.

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