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Goddess Skandamata Story – Why Is Maa Skandamata Worshipped On Fifth Day Of Navratri

goddess Skandamata story
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The fifth day of Navratri is dedicated to Skandamata. But, who is Skandamata Devi? Devi Skandamata is the fifth incarnation of Maa Durga. And thus, worshipped on the fifth day of Navratri during the nine nights of Nav Durga Devi. The appearance of Skandamata Devi can be depicted as the source of power and maternal love, being the mother of ‘Skanda’ which is an alternate name of Lord Kartikeya. Keep reading to know more about the goddess Skandamata story and why is Maa Skandamata worshipped on fifth day of Navratri.

Who Is Skandamata Devi?

The fifth incarnation of Maa Durga, who is Skandamata Devi, is the mother of war (Lord Kartikeya), as her name suggests- ‘skanda’ meaning Kartikeya and ‘mata’ meaning mother. This is another name for goddess Parvati and depicts the more powerful form of her. 

She lives in the Vishuddha chakra among the three spiritual chakras. More commonly, she is also known as the Goddess of fire. 

Appearance Of Skandamata

The appearance of Skandamata Devi is similar to Maa Durga, however, she possesses four hands. In two of the hands are lotuses, placed aesthetically and the third hand holds her loving son, Lord Skand or Lord Kartikeya. 

appearance of Skandamata
goddess Skandamata story- Trending Reader

The fourth hand is held in an abhaya mudra and she blesses her devotees with it. She is often shown to be seated on a giant lotus.

Goddess Skandamata Story

The goddess Skandamata story is mentioned in the Skanda Purana. According to it, after Lord Shiva went into deep meditation from sadness and anger of his wife Sati’s death, a demon Tarakasur was wreaking havoc among other gods. Since he had the blessing that only Lord Shiva or his son can kill him, he had absolutely no fear, for both entities were absent. 

This had lord Narad reach out to Maa Parvati and remind her about her previous life as Lord Shiva’s wife Sati and her goal in current life. Maa Parvati then prayed for the acceptance to Lord Shiva and after a hard penance of years did she succeed. After the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’s power, an effusing seed of energy took form. 

This seed was so fiery that even the fire lord could not handle it. And thus, this form of energy was handed over to Ganga, where the seed was nurtured into a child by the seven Krittikas and came to be known as the child of Shiva and Parvati, Kartikeya (or Skanda). 

After being trained enough, Lord Kartikeya took charge of leading the army of gods to defeat the demon, Tarakasur, and returned victorious. Thus, his mother, Parvati, came to be known as Devi Skandamata, the immense power and motherly love that contributed to the child’s grand win.

Why Is Maa Skandamata Worshipped On Fifth Day Of Navratri?

The reason as to why is Maa Skandamata worshipped on fifth day of Navratri is to receive salvation and treasures along with control over stability in the devotees’ lives. Her worshippers believe that the blessing is multiplied numerous folds if the child sitting in her lap, Lord Kartikeya, is also worshipped and prayed to along with her. 

When praying to Devi Skandamata, one should practice a pure heart along with complete devotion towards her.


Performing the puja of Devi Skandamata is often accompanied by offering her flower garland, sindoor, roli, turmeric, sandalwood, fruits, jewellery and other recommended assortments. After learning the goddess Skandamata story, there is one practice you should follow when praying to the goddess and that is, chanting her mantra 11 times on the fifth day of Navratri. This year, it falls on 30th September. May you have peace and prosperity prevail in your home while celebrating Navratri.

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