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The Best 15+ Career Options in Science To Choose From

Career Options in Science
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Science is a very versatile field – one pursuing their Intermediate in Science has a lot of career options to choose from. Most students run behind science for one reason alone, that being that they can shift to commerce or humanities from science at any time. However, the opposite isn’t possible. One cannot shift from commerce or humanities to science. For those choosing science as their stream, it is very important to know career options in science, as the field of science is a vast one, and one can easily get lost trying to pick the correct way forward for them. 

In today’s article, we will be going through 15+ career options in science. Let’s start!

Top 15+ Career Options In Science

Career Options in Science

1. Engineering

This needs no explanation. The most popular career option, Engineering is the most widely chosen one in India. You can solve sundry problems important to society and also probably leave a legacy for years to come! Engineering is fun but requires a lot of determination and hard work.

2. Medical

Probably the most-respected career of all career options in science, or even across all streams, medical is the career to pursue if you are interested in healthcare. Students have the choice of pursuing the following if they choose medical – 

  • Doctor
  • Veterinary
  • PHA (Public Health Administration)
  • Nursing

The ongoing COVID pandemic has taught us the importance of healthcare professionals, and this is one of the best, highly-respectable, and sought-after career options in science.

3. Biotechnology

In biotechnology, biomolecular and cellular processes are used to create products and technologies that will revolutionize our way of living. Biotechnology students can choose from the following –

  • Healthcare
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Textile Industry
  • Cosmetics

4. Microbiology

Microbiology’s definition lies in its name itself. As the name suggests, it studies microscopic entities, like viruses, bacteria, and fungi. When microorganisms start affecting humanity, microbiologists come into play and save the day! 

5. Forensic Science

Crime fiction intrigues most of us, but how many of us have actually stopped to wonder what actually goes into investigating crimes? Forensic Science, called ‘Forensics’ usually is a blend of Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Biology, and even Anthropology! 

To pursue Forensic Science as a career option, you have to be detail-oriented and observant. Earning potential is on the higher side of the scale as it is a highly-skilled job.  

6. Biochemistry

The branch of science that deals with chemical processes inside living organisms is known as biochemistry. It has broadened our understanding of the relation of physiological changes in the human body with biochemical alterations. 

Using chemical techniques and knowledge, biochemists can understand and solve biological problems.

7. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship – Yes, you read that right! But wait, don’t you need to have an MBA to become an entrepreneur? No! It is a widely believed myth that a start-up by an entrepreneur needs a gold-medallist MBA at its helm.

If you have a good idea, investment, and the willingness and passion to work, entrepreneurship is the way to go, regardless of what stream you’ve chosen. With entrepreneurship, you can be your own boss!

8. Astrophysics

Ever wondered how scientists on the pages of magazines and the screens of televisions are able to describe theories of birth, life, and death of planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, and other celestial bodies of the universe? It is all thanks to astrophysics. It applies the law of chemistry and physics to answer the question posed above.

‘What is the universe, and what is our place in it?’ is the question astrophysics intends to answer. Astrophysicists venture into the unknown, and the questions and answers they deal with are mysterious. Maybe someday, you’ll answer these questions as an astrophysicist – Nobody knows! Another mystery again.

9. Molecular Biology

Ever dreamt of becoming a nutritionist, telling people what, when, how, how much, why to eat and how much to exercise? If your answer is yes, molecular biology might be the best career option in science for you. It deals with macromolecular structures and functions that are essential to life. If you’re wondering what macromolecules are, worry not! Elements like proteins and nucleic acids are macromolecules. 

The relation of DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis with other cell organelles and the regulation of these interactions is one of the many studies that fall under Molecular Biology. If you choose Molecular Biology, doors to tons of careers in genetics, botany, and biotechnology will open up for you.

10. Aviation

Looking for something different from the 9-5 office work? Then don’t look further; one of the best career options in science invites you to be a part of it! 

The perfect mixture of travel, technology, and science, this career will take you to the sky (quite literally, too!). Aviation students can become commercial pilots, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, or Air Force pilots! If you’re looking for adventure, this is one of the best career options in science.

11. Psychology

Psychology, despite being a newly-discovered science field, has emerged as a very important one. Within 150 years of its discovery, it has become a crucial part of career options in science. It has always been there. We are able to understand each other due to psychology and our understanding of it. The beauty of psychology is that it can be pursued regardless of the chosen stream, i.e, you can pick humanities or commerce and still pursue psychology!

12. Meteorology

Each time we plan on going out on a trip, we never forget to do one thing – check the weather forecast. Meteorology is the branch of science associated with observing and analyzing weather and climate trends, and then forecasting the weather. Excellent communication and sign deduction skills are a must-have if you want to pursue meteorology.

13. Ethical Hacking

If you believe that hackers are only evil, then my friend, you are mistaken! With the number of black hat hackers or hackers with malicious intent, growing, white hat hackers, or ethical hackers are required to block attacks and cyber threats. A saying in Hindi loosely translates to – Only iron can beat iron, meaning, one must be beaten at her own game. 

Ethical hackers hack into servers with the permission of the server owner, intending to find loopholes in the system that black hat hackers can exploit. This, being a growing field, has a lot of scopes.

14. Fishery Science

A multidisciplinary course involving the biological study of breeding, life, and habits of different species of fish, Fishery Science is one among this list of career options in science you must consider if the given description interests you. It includes catching, distilling, promoting, and conserving fish. This is a lesser-known field in the many career options in science, and thus, there are higher chances of one securing a good job.

15. Fashion Technology

Who said fashion isn’t a technology? The production of clothing by implementing various fields together like science, medicine, product design, and technology is Fashion Technology. 

If you are interested in the science stream, but also want to pursue your passion for fashion, look no further! Your search for career options in science ends here, with Fashion Technology.

16. Oceanography

You’ve probably heard of scientists conducting research dealing with physical and biological aspects of the ocean. They are all oceanographists. If you didn’t know, even marine life is a part of oceanography. The study of the ecosystem, geological and geophysical features of oceans – plate tectonics, ocean waves, and currents among many others is a vital part of oceanography in our list of career options in science.


Science, as already mentioned, is a very versatile field. One can almost every time find something in this field that interests them. It is all around us. In fact, it is a way of thinking, a philosophy on its own! Science is like a circle – it has no beginning, and it has no end. It is an endless loop. 

In this article, we only covered 15+ career options in science. If none of the given career options in science interest you, surf the internet for other options; there are a plethora of opportunities waiting for you out there, just waiting to be discovered. 

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