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7 Famous Women In Science And Technology

women in science and technology
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There is a myth widespread across boundaries that women in Science and technology do not go hand in hand. To break the stereotypes and to win the world, women have taken charge of the change. According to the Hindu mythologies, women are said to be the extreme source of energy of this universe which somehow says it all about the myths spread across. 

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Women in Science and technology might be less in number than men but are not weaker. The only fact that explains this lower count of women in Science & Technology is the lack of equal opportunities. Women were not just suppressed in India but considered the weaker section across all borders and boundaries. However, with the world-changing generations, women have regained their reign across all fields, including Science and technology. This is the reason why UNESCO deliberately began to celebrate February 11 as the “International Day of Women and Girls in Science.” The day was marked to highlight the glory of women in Science and technology and promote and encourage more girls in the area by making them acknowledge the suitable examples.

The world is in the urge to progress. According to recent reports, a developing nation like India has surpassed the gender ratio, and today there is more girls count than boys. Earlier, only a few women could grab opportunities or the family support required to acquire education and then find a job or do research or own any business. But today, the situation has improved a lot, the discrimination has not ended, but conditions have become better. 

Great Women in Science and Technology

The contribution of the women community to Science is limited. Still, many inventions and discoveries would not have been possible if these prodigious women had not joined and worked for Science. Here is the list of some great women in Science and technology:

1. Marie Curie 

women in science and technology | Trending Reader

She was a Physicist and a Chemist. She is one of the most popular female scientists known for her incredible contribution to the field of radioactivity. During her experiment on radioactive metals and radioactive waves, she lost her life, but her contribution to Science can never be forgotten. 

2. Maria Mayer

women in science and technology | Trending Reader

She was an American Physicist who became famous for her discoveries. She received a Nobel Prize for her best work on suggesting the nuclear shell model of the atomic nucleus.

3. Rosalind Franklin

She was born in the year 1920 in the UK. She is well known for her many discoveries for her contribution to X-ray diffraction. She was the one who defined the chemical structure of coal and graphite and deferred their chemical properties in depth.

4. Elizabeth Blackwell

Born in 1821, she became the first woman to become a medical doctor in the United States.

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4. Dr. Indira Hinduja

Dr Indira Hinduja holding first test tube baby | Trending Reader

She dedicated herself to Science and became the first Indian woman to deliver a test tube baby on August 2, 1986.

5. Kamala Sohonie

women in science and Technology | Trending Reader

She was born in 1912 and later became an Indian Biochemist. In 1939 she completed her Ph.D. and became the first Indian woman to complete a Ph.D. in a scientific discipline.

6. Barbara Mcclintock

Barbara McClintock | Trending Reader
Image Source: Wikepedia

She was a cytogeneticist who later won the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 1983 for her discoveries in genetic transpositions.

7. Andrea Mia Ghez

women In science and technology | Trending Reader

She is an astronomer and professor in physics and astronomy at UCLA. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in Physics in the year 2020.


Today women have their feet in all directions. Especially women in science and technology are making great progress which is encouraging more and more women participation in the field of science.

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