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Dwayne Johnson Opens Up About His Bath Routine On Twitter

Dwayne Johnson
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Highlights :

  • Fans of Dwayne Johnson fight about his bathing regime on Facebook.
  • Dwayne Johnson reveals that he takes three baths a day – cold, warm, and hot.
  • Experts state that bathing routines are dependent on several factors for every individual.

Dwayne Johnson has always been in the spotlight of the media because of the rigorous health routine he follows in his life. Recently, it has come to the news that the actor has a three-time bathing regime in his everyday schedule. The fans had been speculating for quite a few days now that The Rock must smell awesome. There have been some hilarious memes about this on Twitter as well. Many of the fans have rushed to his defense whereas a handful stated that the A-list celebrities of Hollywood do not shower that often. This sparked up a hilarious discussion among the fans of The Rock.

‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson Takes Three Showers A Day

Dwayne Johnson, like the true gentleman he is, stated that he took about three showers a day. He did not want the silly feud to continue among his fans.

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He had clarified that he takes a cold bath immediately after he wakes up, bathes with warm water after his rigorous workout session, and enjoys a hot water bath at the end of the day. This proves that The Rock does work out every single day and takes care of his health in a way that is foreign to several Hollywood celebrities.

What Should Be The Frequency Of Your Bath?

Just because Dwayne Johnson bathes thrice a day does not mean that his fans should take up this routine as well. The climate and personal health of a person greatly determine the total number of baths that he or she should take each day. People who are living in extremely cold climates often take baths every alternate day in order to reduce hypothermia. Sultry weather would require daily baths, with a cleanser as well. Thus, the routine is different for every individual.

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Isn’t It Cool?

Don’t you think it was cool of Dwayne Johnson to open up about his personal life so that his fans do not get into an unnecessary fight? The Rock is very famous among his fans for being a perfectly candid celebrity. He cares a lot about his fans and has often surprised them with snippets from his personal life. What do you think of this?

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