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Will There Be KGF 3 ? Fans Going Gaga Over The Return of Rocky

will there be kgf3
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The first part of the blockbuster series KGF was first released in the year 2018 in the month of December and broke records at the box office! Fast forward to 2022, and the fans once again were dancing with joy with the release of KGF Chapter 2 on the big screen on the 14th of April! The superhit series is estimated to earn about 1000 crores from different screens! While the internet was being flooded with outstanding reviews from the viewers and critics, the most interesting part was the revelation of KGF Chapter 3. So, fans are now calculating the possibilities of KGF Chapter 3! Will there be KGF 3? 

kgf actor yash

Will there Be KGF 3 – Is Rocky Bhai Still Alive? 

The KGF series, which was previously launched in the year 2018 and then four years later in 2022 shows the story of a struggling young boy with his mother in Mumbai who later shifts to the Kolar Gold Fields and aspires to become the King of The KGF! While the people worship him as their angel, the lawmakers and his opponents view him as a danger to the civilized society.

The last scene of KGF Chapter 2 shows that Rocky is being hit by missile attacks by the Indian airforce while he was escaping with all the golds of the KGF. The ship could not tolerate the powerful and frequent attacks and drowned in the ocean with Rocky Bhai. 

While fans presumed that Rocky Bhai’s power and position ended with his drowning in the sea, the post-credit scene had something more to offer!

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Fans Are Going Gaga Over The Internet After The Big Revelation

While the fans were assuming the reason why Rocky Bhai contacted the forces of other nations before fleeing with the golds, the post-credit scene changed everything for the good. The post-credit scene displays a worker in Anand Ingalgi’s library who gets his hand on the final draft of the KGF Chapter 3. This proves that KGF Chapter 3 is under operation, though there is still no official notice for the same. 

What Did The KGF Team Say? – Will There Be KGF 3? 

While answering the question of will there be KGF 3?, the producer and the Hombale Studios have confirmed the release of a KGF Chapter 3, but there is still no official trailer for the sequel. While various theories are flooding over Twitter and Reddit, the viewers are demanding the return of Rocky Bhai (played by Yash) on the big screen.


While there is still no official announcement on will there be KGF 3 or not, various fan theories have predicted that KGF Chapter 3 will showcase the rise of Rocky Bhai as a world-famous criminal who rules the globe! While there is still no notice about the KGF Chapter 3 cast, it is well known to the fans that Yash will continue to star in the sequel of KGF! 

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