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For Tattoo Lovers – Bird Tattoo Designs And Their Unique meanings

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Even though many people still follow the stigmas around tattoos, tattoos are a much-loved form of expressing oneself. People express their desires, character, and individuality through tattoos. Most tattoo lovers ink their bodies after knowing the meaning of their tattoos. Hence asking questions about their tattoos will help you in deciphering the same. Here is the listicle on various bird tattoos.

Bird Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Dove Tattoo
dove ink

In Christianity, the dove holding the olive branch symbolizes peace and harmony. The dove is also considered a symbol of victory, love, and peace. In the story of Noah’s Ark, the dove represents a new beginning and a new beginning.

2. Hummingbird
humming bird ink
Humming Bird Tattoo

This bird tattoo is popular with people who have gone through hardships in their life. The hummingbird symbolizes happiness and relaxation. It is also believed that hummingbirds bring good luck and positive energy. Hummingbirds are always on the move and symbolize hard work and relentless effort. This bird is often associated with freedom as it travels independently and covers long distances.

3. Owl Tattoos
owl design
Owl Tattoo

Owls have been associated with many different civilizations over time and around the world. Many cultures believe that owls are protectors and guardians of the dead. For the Greeks and Native Americans, owls symbolize wisdom. Owls are also associated with magic, astral projections, and mysteries. Owls are also linked to medicine, weather, and death.

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4. Parrot Tattoo
parrot tattoo
Parrot Tattoo

This bright and colorful bird is a favorite of many people. It’s available in many bold and pretty colors, which makes it the ideal bird tattoo design. Not only is it a bright and fun design, but it’s also one of the smartest birds in the world. Parrots imitate other animals; they can mimic human speech and form simple sentences. Parrots are amazing communicators. They are very sociable and can solve problems easily. These birds represent playfulness, ingenuity, and friendliness.

5. Birds of Paradise
Birds of paradise

Birds of Paradise are one of the most popular bird tattoos. One of the reasons is their beauty with bright colors and elegant shapes. According to mythology, birds of paradise descend from the sky and never land on earth. For the African tribes, the birds of paradise, stand for grace and elegance. They are also associated with heaven and hell. Amongst the different kinds of bird tattoos, this tattoo is the most loved one.

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6. Peacock Tattoo
Peacock Tattoo on Back with Birds - Small Peacock Tattoos - Peacock Tattoos  - Crayon
Peacock Tattoo

A peacock tattoo has a lot of symbolism and lots of representations. In Christianity, the peacock is a symbol of resurrection. In Buddhism, the peacock stands for expanded consciousness. With their powerful jewel tones, peacocks stand for hope, faith, and optimism. In some cultures, this bird is a symbol of royalty and fame, combined with leadership, nobility, and protection. Peacock feathers were also used in the crown of kings and queens. Now, peacocks are best associated with confidence and flirtatious behavior.


Birds symbolize independence and freedom as well as peace, optimism, and happiness. We hope you got the inspiration for your new tattoo. Different types of bird tattoos design have their unique meanings for different birds.

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