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Is Westeros A Real Place – Medieval Britain In Game Of Thrones Series

Is Westeros A Real Place
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On April 17, 2011, the hugely popular TV show Game of Thrones, based on George R.R. Martin’s fantasy book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, debuted on HBO. The action series is largely based around Westeros, which according to the author showcases medieval Britain. But, is Westeros a real place? 

Game Of Thrones Shooting Locations

This article will walk you through the GoT series and will uncover mesmerizing locations in and around Europe where the shooting took place. so let’s know what are the Game of Thrones locations in Europe? But, before that, let us focus our shift a little towards Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms. 

Is Westeros A Real Place? 

While the Game of Thrones fans are going gaga over the mesmerizing beauty of the landscape and asking whether Westeros is a real place, let us understand a little about medieval Britain to understand the GoT seasons better! 

Initially, Westeros was divided into seven kingdoms, but after a conflict, all the kingdoms were unified into one region, and the people were called Westerosi. The Game of Thrones is spun around Westeros and Essos, representing medieval Britain, where seasons last for months, sometimes decades! 

The show is built along with three plots, the first being a conflict between the Baratheon, Lannister, and Starks, who are fighting for the Throne. The second plot showcases the rise of the last Targaryen who was later murdered by the Lannisters. The third plot introduces the audience to the Night’s Watch, in the North of Westeros that protects the Southern kingdoms from the Wildlings and the White Walkers! 

But, amidst all this, the question that has been frequently raised by the audience is Westeros a real place? Well, though Westeros and medieval Britain is fantasized and fictional, the Game of Thrones has filmed around some awe-inspiring and mesmerizing locations in Europe. 

Game Of Thrones Locations In Europe 

Apart from introducing the audiences to some mythical creatures like the White Walkers and extinct beings such as dragons, the show Game of Thrones also shows some of the ethereal European places that can be your best vacation destination! So, without further ado, let’s uncover some of them for you.

1. King’s Landing – Croatia 

The King’s Landing is based in Dubrovnik which is showcased to be the capital of the Seven kingdoms. If you want to time travel to the GoT, what can be better than Croatia? Though if you wish to touch the throne, you can’t because that was a setup. If you want to immerse yourself in the essence of the show, head for Dubrovnik and enjoy the best vacation. The King’s landing in Croatia has a striking resemblance to Varanasi which would be the ideal place for the Game of Thrones shooting locations in India. Similar to the narrow avenues of Dominique Street, Varanasi also introduces its visitors to narrow lanes, serving as a perfect representative of King’s Landing in Croatia. 

2. Dragonstone – Spain

Itzurun Beach in Spain became one of the Game of Thrones locations in Europe which soon became famous following the shooting of Dragonstone. Itzurun Beach looks all mesmerizing and stunning with the cliff surrounding it. 

3. Dorne’s Sunspear – Spain 

Spain became one of the Game of Thrones locations in Europe to gain more visitors and tourists after the series introduced its heavenly places into the film. Seville’s lavish royal Palace of Alcázar was the shooting ground for Dorne’s Water Palace! The Palace is an age-old architectural masterpiece that is housed by the Royal Family of Spain. But, apart from Spain, Game of Thrones shooting locations in India around Rambagh Palace in Jaipur is unparalleled. Similar to the Royal Palace of Alcázar, the Rambagh Palace also boasts of its glorious past and royal architecture. 

4. Iron Islands – Northern Ireland

Remember Theon? Northern Ireland was also showcased in the Game of Thrones where the filming for the Iron islands took place. Northern Ireland is not only a great pick to enjoy a luxurious vacation amidst the Ballintoy  Harbor, but you can also enroll yourself for higher education. 


If you are also a fan of the Television series, The Game of Thrones and are wondering is Westeros a real place, we urge you to pay a visit to the above-mentioned places and just as Ser Jorah Mormont, played by Iain Glen states that the series sometimes feels too real, who knows, you might also feel the same! 

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