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These Are The New Year & Christmas Markets Around The World

new year and christmas market around world
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With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to gear up and enjoy the festive spirit. Christmas and New Year call for some celebration with family and friends, indulging in lots of shopping after all it’s a season of gifting and bringing of treats! Here are a few top Christmas markets around the world that steal the show that you must visit on Christmas. They are full of shopping stalls selling binge-worthy Christmas snacks, handmade gifts, and more. 

Top Christmas Markets Around The World

These top Christmas and new year markets around the world are dazzling and full of fun and frolic. Buckle up to celebrate this festive season.

1. Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, Germany

Out in the chilly winters in Berlin Gendarmenmarkt ranks as one of the top Christmas markets. It’s a pure blend of simplicity and luxury. The market opens days before Christmas and attracts lots of people to come shopping. A hustling bustling Christmas market where you can hop over to shop all your Christmas gifts and goodies. You can shop all that cute Christmas décor and binge on some lovely Christmas snacks, these snacks will take care of your hunger pangs while shopping around. The market is full of a variety of stalls selling handmade crafts and goodies. The market is full of entertaining dance and music. Catch a glimpse of the surroundings below the market from the French Church. Here the entry fee is EUR 1.

New Year & Christmas Markets Around The World

2. Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

The best Christmas vibe in town, Tivoli Gardens is among one of the best Christmas markets full of magical and festive vibes. Tivoli Gardens functions as an amusement park and also opens up like a Christmas market. This Christmas market is splendid and has thousands of Christmas trees laden with snow, twinkling with Swarovski balls and fairly light stalls, and having many Christmas baubles. Stalls selling various crafts, warm knitted products, handicrafts, and more are open here. This market ensures you make merry and have a great time shopping. Entry fee USD 20.

New Year & Christmas Markets Around The World

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3. Old Town Square Christmas Market, Prague Czech Republic

Old Town Square Christmas Market, Prague Czech republic a mesmerizing wonderland is one of the best Christmas markets you can visit. This Christmas market literally offers you everything under the sun. This Christmas market opening much before Christmas is decorated beautifully and has wooden huts which double up as shopper stands. Here you can shop scented candles, Christmas trees, ornaments, delicious flatbreads, wine, and meat. The carols blaze up the festive feeling. Entry fee CZK 25.

New Year & Christmas Markets Around The World

4. Viennese Dream Christmas Market, Vienna, Austria

With the spectacular city view in the background, the lights of this Christmas market just glorify the town. This Christmas market is buzzing and full of life in the evenings. Ranked as one of the best Christmas markets around the world where you can find an array of shops with skilled craftsmen selling cookies, cakes and bakes, candles, and goodies. The harmonious choirs and melodies attract large crowds. Entry to this Christmas market is free of cost.

New Year & Christmas Markets Around The World


Bring on the festive spirit and visit these top Christmas markets around the world. Christmas being the festival of joy and shopping come along and visit these magical Christmas markets!

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