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Unknown Facts about 12 Men who Walked On Moon

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NASA has sent manned missions to the moon that have traveled miles away on a space expedition to explore the surface of the moon. Get to know the only 12 men who walked on the moon, other than the surface of the Earth, along with some incredibly fun facts about them.

12 Men To Ever Walk On The Moon, Who Are they?

The 12 men who walked on the moon - CBS News
  1. Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) Apollo11
  2. Edwin Aldrin (1930-Present) Apollo11
  3. Charles Pete Conrad (1930-1999) Apollo12
  4. Alan Bean (1932-2018) Apollo12
  5. Allan B. Shephard (1923-1998). Apollo14
  6. Edgar D. Mitchell (1930-2016) Apollo14
  7. David R. Scott (1932-Present) Apollo15
  8. James B. Irwin (1930-1991) Apollo15
  9. John W. Young (1930-2018) Apollo 10 (orbital), Apollo17. (landing)
  10. Charles M. Duke (1935-Present) Apollo16
  11. Eugene Cernan (1934-2017) Apollo10 (orbital), Apollo17 (landing)
  12. Harrison H. Schmitt (1935-Present) Apollo17

Fun Facts About 12 Men Who Walked On Moon

1. Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong: In His Own Words

Armstrong was selected as the very first man to walk on the moon since the Apollo mission was still in the planning. Neil Armstrong was a Navy test pilot, engineer, Korean war veteran and had left the Navy in 1952, but continued as a Naval reserve. He worked as a test pilot for National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, which developed into NASA. He died at the age of 82 years.

2. Edwin ‘Buzz” Aldrin

Post graduating from West Point in 1951, and holding a science degree, Aldrin combat 66 missions as an Air Force pilot in the Korean War. He earned a Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He accompanied Armstrong on the first moon landing in the Apollo11 mission.

3. Charles Pete Conrad
Neil Armstrong's closet: What I found when I went through the belongings of  the astronaut in my family.

He was a Princeton graduate and a Navy test pilot before coming into the astronaut corps in 1962. On stepping onto the moon he exclaimed, ” Whoopee! Man, that may have been a small one for Neil but that’s a long one for me”.

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4. Alan Bean

Alan Bean was the fourth man to walk on the moon during the Apollo 12 mission in the year 1969. He was a lunar module pilot. He died at the age of 86 years.

5. Allan Shephard
Alan B. Shepard Jr. - New Mexico Museum of Space History

Before the Apollo mission, he served as Chief of the astronaut office.  He retired from NASA and the navy in 1974. He walked on the moon during the Apollo14 mission. He died at the age of 74 years.  

6. Edgar Mitchell

After joining the navy in 1952, he became a test pilot. He earned a Ph.D. degree in aeronautics from MIT. NASA selected him for the astronaut corps in 1996. He flew on Apollo14 as a lunar module pilot. He passed away on the 45th anniversary of his lunar landing.

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7. David Scott

He joined the Air Force after graduating from West Point and was selected in 1963 as an astronaut. David Scott is 87 years old today. He was a module pilot and flew on Apollo9.

8. James B. Irwin
James B. Irwin | Astronaut Scholarship Foundation

Air Force test pilot James Irwin became an astronaut in 1966. He was the lunar module pilot for Apollo 15 in the year 1971. He died at the age of 61.

9. John Watts Young

He is so far the longest-serving astronaut in NASA until now. He was selected as an astronaut in 1962 and flew for the first time in 1965. He orbited the moon on the Apollo10 mission and was commander of the Apollo16 mission. He is the ninth person to walk on the moon. He died at the age of 87 years.

10. Charles M. Duke

Serving as a Capcom during the Apollo11, Charles was sent as a Commander module pilot during the Apollo16 mission. He retired from NASA in 1975 and passed away at 83 years of age.

11. Harrison Schmitt

He was a geologist at first and pursued as a pilot after becoming an astronaut at NASA. He is 84 years old now. He was assigned the Apollo17 mission.

12. Eugene Cernan
The last man on the moon on crash-landings, losing his wife and watching an  'Earth-rise' | Documentary films | The Guardian
Last man to walk on Earth, Eugene Cernan

He was initially a Navy pilot. He was assigned the commander of the Apollo 17 mission. Eugene was the 11th man to walk on the moon. Ever since he re-entered the Apollo Lunar Module after Harrison Schmitt, he has become the last man to walk on earth, to date.


These were the 12 men who walked on the Moon. Among them, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin were the first who ever walked on the Moon. Surprisingly, four of America’s moonwalkers are alive to date. Namely, Aldrin (Apollo11), David Scott (Apollo15), Charles Duke (Apollo16), Harrison Schmitt (Apollo17). 

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