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What Is Dussehra And Why Is It Celebrated – Know When Is Dussehra, Puja, And Ravan Dahan Time

What Is Dussehra And Why Is It Celebrated
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The season of festivals is the best time for us to grab what we can out of life. Festivities will naturally begin to increase as the month of October starts. Navratri is the first celebration of the season, and afterward, it’s always followed by Dussehra. But, what is Dussehra and why is it celebrated? Read to find out more about the same including when is Dussehra in 2022, what is the Ravan Dahan time 2022, and the significance of Dussehra. 

What Is Dussehra And Why Is It Celebrated?

Wondering what is Dussehra and why is it celebrated? Dussehra is a festival in Hinduism or simply the day of victory and it marks the fall of demon-king Ravana who abducted Sita. Dussehra is also known as the battle of good over evil. Know more about when is Dussehra and the timings for puja and Ravan Dahan.

When Is Dussehra In 2022?

According to the Vedic Hindu calendar, Dussehra falls on the tenth day of Ashwin month, also a reason why Dussehra is celebrated after Navratri. This year, in 2022, Dusshera falls on October 5th, Wednesday.

Dussehra 2022 puja time

In 2022, this year, the Shravan Nakshatra will start from 10:51 pm on 4th October and will last till 9:15 pm on 5th October. As for the tithi of Dussehra which fall on Dashami tithi on Ashwin, will begin from 2:20 pm on 4th October and end at 12:00 pm, on 5th October. 

The most auspicious Vijaya Muhurat is from 2:26 pm to 3:13 pm on 4th October itself.

Ravan Dahan Time 2022

This year, the Ravan Dahan time 2022 is on the 5th of October after sunset. It will be throughout the evening till 8:30 pm, although the Pujan duration is from 2:02 pm to 2:48 pm in the afternoon.

Significance Of Dussehra

The significance of Dussehra is that, since Dussehra marks two of the most important victories in the Hindu legends, it is considered to be very auspicious to celebrate these in order to have peace and happiness in one’s life. This was the day when Maa Durga defeated Mahishasura and also the day when Lord Rama killed Ravana.

Dussehra Wishes

  1. May Lord Rama keep lighting your path of success and may you achieve victory in every phase of life. Jai Shri Ram. Happy Dussehra 2022!
  2. Good wishes for a joyous Vijayadashmi! May Goddess Durga grant all your wishes and bless you with good health, success and happiness.
  3. Let us come together to celebrate the victory of good over evil this Dussehra. May this auspicious day bring you love, luck and happiness.
  4. Today is the day that reminds us that in the end, evil always ends and goodness triumphs. Let’s remember it always. Happy Dussehra!
  5. On the occasion of Dussehra, I pray that Lord Rama fills your life with happiness, prosperity and success. Happy Dussehra to you and your family!


On this auspicious occasion of Dussehra, let us all come together and celebrate the victory of good over evil with our family, friends, neighbours, and everyone else. May Lord Rama fill your lives with good fortune and happiness. May Goddess Durga take away all your sufferings and sadness. Happy Vijayadashami!

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