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Whatsapp End-To-End Encryption – Here Is All You Must Know

End-to-End Encryption
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The end-to-end encryption feature has now been globally launched by WhatsApp for Android and iOS users as well. Another optional layer of protection will be added to iCloud and Google Drive accounts. This feature will ensure better privacy for the users and a more secure communication experience.

What Is End-To-End Encryption?

This is a feature that ensures that only the users communicating can see the messages. End-to-end encryption prevents potential eavesdropping from Telecom and internet service providers and other communication service providers. The data cannot be read or secretly modified by a third party other than the true sender and recipient.

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WhatsApp’s Explanation

WhatsApp stated that this feature will provide its users with more privacy and security for digital conversations. They further elaborated that they are rolling this out slowly and are trying to ensure a consistent and reliable experience for both Android and iOS users all around the world.

Enabling WhatsApp End-to-End Encrypted Backup

For activating this feature and getting the benefit of this extra layer of protection, you will have to turn on the end-to-end encrypted backup feature. You can enable this feature by going to Settings > Chats > Chat Backups > End-to-End Encrypted Backup. 

After this, you can select “Continue” and then follow the instructions to generate a password. Click on “Complete” and then you can wait for the app to make your end-to-end encryption backup ready. Ensure to keep your phone on charging while the backup is happening.

This feature will enable the users to secure the backed-up chats with the help of a 64-digit encryption key. Users will also be able to turn off the backup via the password or PIN.

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WhatsApp has informed that if a user loses the backed-up WhatsApp Chats and forgets the password or key, they will be unable to restore the backup. The app will not be able to reset your password or restore the backup. 

WhatsApp has assured the users that if they choose to back up their chat history with end-to-end encryption, then they will be the only ones to get access to these chats. 

Final Words

The new feature was announced by the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. This feature will make WhatsApp more trustworthy and reliable, especially after the controversies and allegations that have been made against Facebook in regards to its privacy policy and data stealing. This seems to be very promising progress on the company’s part.

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