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Why The Kashmir Files Is Controversial: Real Truth Behind The Story

why-the-kashmir-files-is-controversial | Trending Reader
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Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri’s newly launched film, “ The Kashmir Files” has evoked restlessness and controversies among the public. Continue reading the full article to know why the Kashmir Files is controversial

Why The Kashmir Files Is Controversial? 

why the Kashmir files is controversial | Trending Reader

A recent launch by Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri, “ The Kashmir Files” is under debate for a few days. The film, starring Anupam Kher, Mithoon Chakraborty, Pallavi Joshi, Darshan Kumar, and Amaan Iqbal has gained mixed reviews on their film. While many applauded the work of Agnihotri, the film also received severe backlash and destructive criticism from the public. But, why the Kashmir Files is controversial? What is the storyline of the highly debated movie? Well, we will answer all your queries in the subsequent sections. Keep reading to gain in-depth knowledge on the topic! But, before jumping to the topic, let’s take a brief look at the storyline of the trending movie! 

The Kashmir Files – Storyline And Plot 

Kashmir Files: Trending Reader

The movie, The Kashmir Files reveals the mass genocide and major sufferings of the Hindu Kashmiri Pandits, during the 1990s. Set in contemporary India, the movie shows the plight of the Kashmiri Pandits who were harassed and killed by the Islamist communities. During 1990 Kashmir, the Kashmiri Islamic extremists performed mass genocides against the Kashmiri Pandits which led to a huge loss of life and assassination of the Kashmiri Hindus. 

Pushkar, with his friend, Brahma tries to resolve the issue but amidst the atrocities, Pushkar loses his son Karan to the hands of Radical commander Bitta. With the conflicts rising with every passing moment, the Kashmiri Pandits were forced to leave their homeland and take shelter in refugee camps and rescue camps. Even after 30 years, they are surviving in these camps, fighting for their rights and pleading for justice. After a few days, Bitta with his gang again attacks Pushkar and his daughter-in-law, Sharda, and takes away her breath. Pushkar is shown mercy by the militants and set free to narrate their sufferings to future generations. 

Fast forward to the present scenario where Krisna, the youngest child of Karan and Sharda is being brought up by his grandfather. He goes on to tell Krishna the distress and hardships that were being faced by his family and reveals to him the true cause of his parent’s death. Krishna meets his grandfather’s friends who show him evidence of the extermination of the Kashmiri Pandits. He returns to his university campus in Delhi and gives a speech on the racial killing of his parents and other Hindus during the 1990s! 

The Controversies And Mixed Reviews 

The movie has received mixed reactions and opinions from the viewers. While some of them applauded and appreciated the work of the team, others severely criticized the movie calling it disturbing and counterfactual. Amidst all this, actor and comedian Kapil Sharma also got himself involved in the conflict as he denied promoting the film on his show. 

While there were rising conflicts among the public, the Jammu Court ordered the producers and directors to not show any scene from the death or professional life of martyred Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna, after his widower filed a case against the team. Audiences have tweeted and shared videos of movie theatres denying to broadcast the film without any legal papers or permission. Several people were harassed and ill-treated during the screening of the movie. Girls and boys who had booked tickets for the show were being abused and misbehaved. 

On another side, others were found to congratulate the entire filmmaking team for presenting to them the long-lost history of India. The internet is being flooded with supporters sharing short clips of the movie saying they were left teary-eyed and horrified after the movie ended. The movie also gained a positive response from the film community as well. Actors like Akshay Kumar were seen standing for the movie and its makers. While the movie is exempted from taxation from states like Haryana, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh, the film has been banned in Jammu and Kashmir. 

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What The Government And Others Have To Say?

why the kashmir files is controversial | Trending Reader


While answering the question, why the Kashmir Files is controversial, the director Agnihotri shows utter disappointment that this is not what he expected! In his statement, he says that it is totally undemocratic and illegal to ban the film from theatres without any legal permission. 

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has glorified and praised the entire team for such great work. Various states were barred from taxes on the film, and policemen in MP were permitted leave to watch the show. Additionally, the Minister Of Women and Child Development tweeted and urged everyone to watch the movie. 

According to writer Rahul Pandita and Sanjay Kak, documentary maker, it is shocking and disheartening to see that majority of the India’s population is unaware of the massacre that took place years ago. They told the media that Bollywood never cares to show India’s horrific history to its public. 

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The Responses And Reactions Of The Hindus 

The Kashmir Files Controversy | Trending Reader

While the movie has incited emotions and pains in the hearts of the Hindu community, some people are also arguing that this movie might generate hate against the Muslim community! In this movie, the total Muslim religious group was shown as the villain of humanity! But, this is falsified and exaggerated. 

More importantly, nowadays, we always read incidents about communal riots and wars! This movie, in some aspects, might add fuel to the fire! Again, this movie might be a propaganda movie to gain votes from the Hindu community by the ruling party! 

More than 32 years have passed, till now, no justice has been served to the oppressed! Thus, Hindus after watching this movie, might get more emotional and support the ruling party in the hope of justice. 

It is noteworthy that the party that was in power during the Kashmir genocide was Congress! They also never cared to truly serve justice to the sufferers! Now, Narendra Modi is using their action against them and urging the Hindus to not cast a single vote for them! Thus, all of these might be just propaganda! 

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Final Thoughts And Conclusion

The Kashmir Files has stirred up more controversies because it depicts the conflicting history of Kashmir. Even today, Kashmir is a topic of debate between India and Pakistan, after more than 70 years of Independence. We hope that this article,” why is Kashmir Files controversial has clarified all your doubts and confusions related to the movie! 

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