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Clean Diwali Green Diwali – How To Celebrate Green Diwali

how to celebrate green Diwali
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As you might know, Diwali, the festival of lights, is a grand affair among all festivals in India. While it brings immense happiness and enthusiasm, it is also a reason behind certain unpleasant consequences like air pollution, noise pollution, etc. So this Diwali, let’s go green and clean with the tips given below on how to celebrate green Diwali. Find quotes on green Diwali and poster of green Diwali inside. Also, know what are green crackers for Diwali to have a ‘Clean Diwali Green Diwali’ celebration.

Eco-Friendly Celebration – Clean Diwali Green Diwali

With the celebration of Diwali, there should be widespread happiness and positivity. But due to some of the modern practices in the celebration of the festival, a series of unpleasant consequences appear that pose a threat to the environment, like noise pollution, air pollution or even general waste production. 

So, to keep the essence of Diwali the same as in ancient times, the motto for the 2022 celebration is ‘Clean Diwali Green Diwali’. These practices help us enjoy the festival naturally and without harming mother nature. Find out how to celebrate green Diwali under further headings.

Why Celebrate Eco-friendly Green Diwali?

In order to prevent the air quality from degrading drastically around the days of Diwali, we should definitely celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali. Many times, we neglect the fact that when we are visiting our family and friends during Diwali, we mostly give plastic-wrapped stuff. This directly impacts non-biodegradable waste management. So to prevent that as well, we should take measures, being responsible citizens of our country. 

During the night, when we enjoy the bright lights and loud noise of crackers, our little furry animals like cats and dogs are hidden away in dark corners out of fear. To make the festival an enjoyable time of the year for those mute friends as well, we should keep up with the spirits of ‘Clean Diwali Green Diwali’.

How To Celebrate Green Diwali?

We are here to enlighten you with some tips on how to celebrate green Diwali. Follow them and you’ll truly be a volunteer for the ‘Clean Diwali Green Diwali’ movement!

  1. Use baked clay diyas or earthen clay pots, to brighten up your home instead of electric LED lights and chandeliers.
  2. Use natural colours and flowers or leaves to make Rangoli in your house instead of artificial and chemically made colours.
  3. Instead of artificial flowers, you can use marigold garlands or other fresh flowers to doll up your houses.
  4. Gift plant saplings or other eco-friendly gifts instead of a huge assortment of sweets that goes around and ultimately comes back to you.
  5. Use paper bags, jute bags or other biodegradable bags to gift your presents.
  6. Instead of buying sweets and meals, etc. from outside, try making them at home. Or if buying, bring your own container and bags to avoid plastic generation.
  7. Recycle stuff from this year’s Diwali. You can use earthen pots and other paper decoratives next year too.
  8. Do not burn firecrackers. Instead, try green crackers or use that money to feed the needy.

But, what are green crackers for Diwali? Read below:

how to celebrate green Diwali

What Are Green Crackers For Diwali?

To reduce the harmful health risks caused by the burning of crackers, CSIR NEERI, in 2018, developed an eco-friendly sort of green crackers for Diwali. These green crackers do not contain harmful elements like aluminium, barium, carbon or potassium nitrate. 

They are about 30% less pollution-causing and have a noise loudness of 110 decibels, 40 decibels less than the traditional crackers. You can find these crackers at government-registered crackers shops only and they have the logo of CSIR NEERI on them.

Quotes On Green Diwali

Here are some quotes on green Diwali to bring you into the safe festive mood of the Diwali celebration.

  1. Don’t act mean, Go green. Celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali this year. Happy Diwali!
  2. Abki Baar, Crackers Nahi Yaar! Say no to crackers and have a green Diwali.
  3. Green is the new Black. So go green and celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali.
  4. Burn your evil, not the crackers. This Diwali, say no to pollution.
  5. Don’t burn what you earn. Go green with an eco-friendly Diwali.

Ideas For Poster Of Green Diwali

Need something artistic for school poster submission or just for some motivation? Here are a few ideas for poster of green Diwali celebration.


We stated a lot of reasons why to celebrate green Diwali and how to celebrate green Diwali. We hope that this year’s Diwali may bring you lots of happiness, prosperity and good health. And to achieve some of it, you’ll take our advice and go green this Diwali. Happy Diwali!

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