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How To Use Paint In Mac? Learn in 5 mins

paint in mac
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If you have been using Windows operating system for a long time and have recently switched to using Mac, you would find that you can use almost every program on mac. However, there is one program- Microsoft paint which you might miss out on. You cannot install the MS paint in Mac. However, there is a way to use MS paint on your Mac that has been listed at the end of this article.

MacBook laptop along with paints

Alternatives for MS Paint In Mac

Here are some alternatives which are even better than MS Paint and offer you many better and more advanced features. One of these alternatives is installed by default on your Mac.

1. Preview’s hidden photo editor 

You can use Macs’ default app for previewing images as an editor and substitute for MS Paint. It provides you with basic features like painting and an annotating toolkit which are pretty decent.

2. Paintbrush and Patina

If you are someone who has been using Windows for a long while and wants an editor which is similar to that of MS paint, you can download either paintbrush or patina. Paintbrush is basically a downgraded version of MS Paint while Patina is an upgraded and paid version of MS paint.

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3. Capto

While MS Paint and all the programs mentioned above offer you only the basic functionalities, Capto is designed to meet all your advanced requirements for graphic editing. Furthermore, starting with Capto is also quite easy. YOu should definitely try out this feature if you have shifted to Mac.

4. Seashore

A free application that is built for Mac Operating System and is open source. The user interfaces for seashore might seem to be a little outdated however the app has a lot of tricks which are an upgrade to MS Paint or preview or paintbrush. It even has the concept of layers like that of Photoshop.

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MS Paint In Mac

Microsoft Paint has been the beginning of using computers for many people as a child and people are emotionally attached to that program. Although Microsoft paint is not the best tool for graphic editing it is slow and Chunky,  it is the one app that is used most widely. A lot of people still wish that they could use Microsoft paint in Mac. 


If you still feel that you want to use MS paint in Mac to carry out your graphic editing tasks, you can use it online on your browser by going to the link. However, we would encourage you to try out some of these alternatives which provide you with better features than the MS paint.

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