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18 Must-Have Types of Sarees For Every Woman

types of sarees for every woman
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This is India’s natural beauty. Every region has its own distinct charm that captivates us. And when it refers to saree artwork, no state is left behind. Take a look at some of these stunning types of sarees for every woman from various states and consider purchasing them the next time you visit these locations.

Types of Sarees For Every Woman

1. West Bengal’s Tant Saree

Buy Bengal Cotton Saree Handloom - Soft cotton Snatipur Tant Saree Online

The stiffness of these crisp cotton fabrics makes them ideal for summer. This type of saree’s pricing range begins at 700 INR. This saree is perfect for events like Durga Puja, Diwali, or Kali Puja. Wear it with a statement piece of jewelry.

2. Odisha’s Bomkai Saree

Blue and Green Odisha Bomkai Silk Saree - Crafts Collection

This saree comes in cotton and silk and features a tribal design. A regular cotton Bomkai saree costs approximately 2,000 INR, but you’ll have to spend a lot more if you want anything spectacular in silk.  This saree goes beautifully with gold jewelry.

3. Rajasthan’s Kalamkari Saree

Buy Red Pure Kalamkari Kota Cotton Saree Online at|UNM50027

‘Kalam’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘pen.’ Kalamkari sarees are noted for their ethnic charm and traditional artwork. This exquisite saree may be purchased for a low price; the price range starts at 1,000 INR. 

4. Gujarat’s Patola Saree

Patola, Patola Saree, Patola Silk Saree, Patan Patola, Buy Patan Patola  Saree Online – sohumsutras

It was manufactured of silk in the Gujarat town of Patan. These sarees are made with great care, have a lot of colors, and are rather costly. Royal families used to wear them. A Patan Patola saree with double ikat begins at 2,500 INR. 

5. Chikankari Saree From Lucknow

Ada Hand Embroidered Red Georgette Lucknow Chikan Saree With Blouse-A311294

Although it was originally done on muslin cloth, it is now available in nearly any fabric. This Chikankari saree with beautiful embroidery exudes beauty. This saree’s pricing range starts at roughly 1,500 INR. 

6. Punjab’s Phulkari Saree

Phulkari Sarees - These Modern Designs Gives You Fashionable Look

Flower work is referred to as phulkari. The saree’s motifs are mostly brightly colored florals and geometric designs. A lovely Phulkari saree may be purchased for less than 2,000 INR. 

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7. Baluchari Silk Saree From West Bengal

Wine And Gold Baluchari Silk Saree - BOVEEE - 3371965

A beautiful Baluchari silk saree might cost anywhere between 5,000 and 7,000 INR. You may accessorize this saree with polka jewelry. Because of their intricate pattern work, these sarees are appropriate for important events such as traditional worship and even weddings.

8. Pochampally Saree From Telangana

Pochampally Ikkat Silk Blue With Pink Color Saree

Pochampally Ikat sarees are manufactured in West Bengal and feature elaborate geometric designs created using the Ikat dyeing technique. A stunning and one-of-a-kind Pochampally cotton saree may be purchased for roughly 3, 000 INR and above. 

9. Odisha’s Sambalpuri Ikat Saree

Buy HANDLOOM PARIDHAAN Women's Ikat Cotton Saree (SCTD036_Maroon) at

Beautiful designs are embroidered on the Sambalpuri Ikat Saree, which is available in cotton and silk fibers. The strands are colored first, then weaved to create this traditional saree. This saree has a starting price of 1,700 INR.

10. Jamdani Saree From Bengal

Red White Resham Dhakai Jamdani Cotton Silk Saree | Buy Online

Flowers adorn the classic Jamdani sarees, which are constructed of light cotton. A Jamdani saree costs roughly 2,500 INR, to begin with. 

11. Leheriya Saree From Rajasthan

Georgette Leheriya Saree with Sequence Foil & Fancy Lace - gnp0108449

The Leheriya saree is characterized by its waves and stripes. It is created using the tie-dye technique. Leheriya saree can be purchased on a budget. It starts from 500 INR only. 

12. Muga Silk Saree From Assam

Gos Buta Muga Silk Saree – The Silk Chamber

The Muga Silk Saree is unique due to the silkworms used in its production, and the saree frequently outlasts its owner. An excellent Muga silk saree costs roughly 3,000 INR, but you’ll have to pay significantly more if you want something special. 

13. Chanderi Saree From Madhya Pradesh

Woven Chanderi Silk Saree in Peach : SSF14434

This type of saree, for every woman, comes in a variety of designs, including geometrical patterns, peacock designs, and floral art. A nice Chanderi silk saree would set you back around 1,500 INR. These lovely sarees are excellent for everyday wear and look great with minimal jewelry. 

14.  Bandhani Saree From Gujarat

Pink saree in Banarasi fabric with Tie-Dye Bandhani and Weaving all over  saree | Kishori

Gujarat’s Bandhani sarees, made using the tie-dye process, are vibrant! These sarees are also available in cotton, crepe, georgette, and cotton-silk mixes, to meet the needs of Indian ladies. These sarees are ideal for wearing in the summer. Bandhani sarees are reasonably priced, starting at roughly 700 INR. 

15. Paithani Silk Saree From Maharashtra

Buy Turquoise Blue Paithani Silk Saree For Women Online

A Paithani features oblique square motifs on the borders and a peacock design on the pallu. Paithani sarees feature a dhoop-chhaon (light and shadow) look created by weaving two different-colored silks together. Paithani sarees are reasonably priced, starting at roughly 2,500 INR.

16. Kerala’s Kasavu Saree

Kerala Kasavu Cotton Saree in Beige : SPN5046

Kasavu sarees from Kerala are legendary in their own right, featuring plain cotton sarees in off-white color with a gold border. A Kasavu saree would set you back roughly 700 INR. The Kasavu saree is ideal for small-scale day occasions because of its beauty in simplicity.

17. Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees From Tamil Nadu

Buy Love Red Kanjivaram Silk Saree For Women Online - Frontierraas

Tamil Nadu’s Kanjeevaram Silk sarees are known for their bright colors and temple-patterned bordering. A regular Kanjeevaram saree can range in price from 2,500 to 15,000 INR.

18. Uttar Pradesh’s Banarasi Saree

Shop Banarasi Silk Traditional Designer Saree in Rani Online : 195275 -

Uttar Pradesh’s Banarasi Saree is one of the must-have types of sarees for every woman. Their gloss and texture make them enticing, and they are true works of art! Golden embroidery may be found on these sarees, and a decent quality Benarasi saree costs roughly 2500 INR. These sarees are ideal for wedding parties; finish the outfit with little gold jewelry.


That’s not all, though. It’s impossible to cover all of the different types of sarees for every woman, their design features, and work, in one post. That is how affluent our country is!t

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