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Freelance Your Way To Freedom: ​​Advantages Of Becoming A Freelancer

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A 9 to 5 job is a necessity, right? Wrong. It used to be one. Now, with skyrocketing opportunities, a lot more earning techniques have come up to the surface. Freelancing, one of the most chosen and potential ways of income, has lured in a lot of students and job seekers. Not only that, many professionals have left their jobs to freelance full time as this field has shown much potential rather than corporate spaces. With never-ending deals and flexible working hours, it’s not hard to conclude that freelancing is the future. This way, we can say that there are many advantages of becoming a freelancer.

​​Advantages of Becoming A Freelancer

Freelancing has come a long way and has to go a long way. It has opened up a lot of opportunities for people and has raised the bar for skill learning. Here, we have stated the advantages of freelancing to brief you on a few of the many perks that are available to a freelancer. 

1. Flexible Working Hours

Flexible Working Hours - You Can Work From Home! ⋆ Programming and Tech Blog
Benefits of Freelancing


In freelancing, you are your boss. You guide yourself and you set the working hours. Being flexible in your work hours, will drive you towards a healthy working lifestyle and bring out the best in you. You’ll also have a good quality of life and a better work-life balance with freelancing. You can always set your own working hours and work according to your needs and wants. Also, you can do other things by being a freelancer without compromising your money and time.

2. You Set Up Your Own Price

How to Price Your Products and Services | Ownr

 Sometimes, one might feel that they are being underpaid for the time and effort they are putting in. While freelancing, you can set up your own price and get clients who will pay the value you deserve. You recognise your own value and set your own price and nobody will dare to pay you less than you deserve. There are many places in the world that exploit workers and underpay. That leads to a lot of problems as skills are not recognized and undervalued in society. So, freelancing will help you set your own price according to the value.

3. Flexible Workload

Flexible Working is The End of The 9 to 5 - IAdea
Flexible workload

The workload in freelancing depends upon you and nobody else. In corporate spaces, the workload is more than one can take and that becomes a problem in work-life balance and takes a toll on your health. Most of the time, it also creates problems in your personal life as you’ve no time for your hobbies and family. Freelancing will help you ease the workload and get you working for the hours you want and have a good quality of life. This definitely helps because health and recreational activities are as important as work.

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4. Tax Advantages

Tax Advantages Aren't Necessarily Mortgage Advantages - My Perfect Mortgage

As freelancers are independent workers, they have the right to claim a portion of the mortgage as taxes since it is considered as business expenses. The tax advantage is the best part other than the other advantages of becoming a freelancer. To get this advantage, get in touch with your lawyer and get the best of it.


Freelancing has a lot of advantages and the above are just a few for starters. The world of freelancing is a plethora of opportunities and almost everyone can freelance. By setting yourself up as a freelancer, you set up your own value, own money, and your unique selling point gets out to the world.

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