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National Emergency In India 1975 – The Darkest Phase In Indian History 

National Emergency In India 1975
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“The President has proclaimed Emergency. There is nothing to panic about.” Originally issued by the then President, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed with advice from the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. The National Emergency in India 1975 is considered one of the darkest phases in Indian democracy! But, what was the reason for emergency in India? Which events fuelled the curtailment of basic human rights during the years 1975 and more days to come? What followed the notorious act of the Gandhi Government? 

This article will take you through the days of the National Emergency in India 1975, and will share a list of movies on Indira Gandhi emergency. Also, something good for book lovers as well! Read this article till the last to know about the best books on emergency in India. 

What Is Emergency And Who Announced Emergency In India? 

Before we directly jump onto the reason for emergency in India, let us first understand the true definition of emergency to gain complete knowledge of the notorious historical event! 

According to Article 352 of the Indian Constitution, a national emergency can be issued when there are potential threats to the security of a country or any of its regions due to internal conflicts or external war and invasion. The President can only exercise powers to impose an emergency on a country, given that it is ratified by the cabinet ministers headed by the Prime Minister. 

reason for emergency in India

On black day in the history of India, on 21st June 1975, India’s first woman Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared a state of emergency in the country. Legally imposed by President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed on the Indian continent on the orders of Indira Gandhi, the notorious event ignited political and social turmoil on the streets of India. This was done to achieve internal peace and security, and turned down the basic political human rights of the citizens which ultimately led to the fall of the Gandhi Government! 

National Emergency In India 1975 – Why Emergency Was Declared? 

While the prime goal as stated by Indira Gandhi later during an interview was to control internal conflicts in the country and promote internal peace, several historians and writers are of the view that the reason for emergency in India includes personal interests for the Gandhi government, mainly which is to curb all the protests against the existing Government! 

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Why Indira Gandhi Declare The State Of Emergency In The Country – Reason For Emergency In India

In the words of the Prime Minister, the reason for emergency in India was to protect and promote India’s security. According to her, the internal political situation of the country was dire, added to it were the war havoc from the battle with Pakistan and the oil crisis. 

Thus, the imposition of an emergency was of utmost importance to the country. But, recent movies on Indira Gandhi’s emergency hint towards a different situation altogether! 

1. The Navnirman Movement 

In an effort to exercise complete control over the constitution of India, Indira Gandhi imposed certain measures on the citizens of India which led to protests and disobedience of the Government. Such an event was the Navnirman movement in which students from Gujarat, Bihar, and other regions protested against the increase in college and university fees. To pacify the situation, the Gandhi government decided to impose a national emergency in India. 

2. The JP Movement

Inspired by the Navnirman Andolan of Gujarat, Jayaprakash Narayan encouraged students of Bihar to boycott their classes and protest on the streets against the Government policies. Though Indira Gandhi challenged the leader to face him during the elections, she soon imposed an emergency in the country in the fear of losing her Prime Ministerial powers! 

3. The Railways

As if the above-mentioned problems were not enough to break the Government, another problem emerged for Indira Gandhi. Led by George Fernandez, the railways’ strike began to take shape in the country which imposed restrictions on trade and movement of goods! In a brutal response, the Government killed many innocents, and others were arrested and detained. 

4. The Raj Narain Case 

Followed by the various protests against the existing Government, a petition was filed against Indira Gandhi by Raj Narain on account of the fact that she won the election through corruption. The court charged the Prime Minister with guilt and stopped her from enjoying Parliamentary powers. Indira Gandhi pleaded to the Supreme Court which adhered to the decision of the HC and barred her from contesting in elections for years to come! 

Thus, in the fear of losing control over the country, the National Emergency in India 1975, was imposed on the country, without holding any discussion with the cabinet ministers. They were involved in it after the emergency was imposed, to ratify the emergency only! 

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What Happened During The Emergency? 

The best books on Emergency in India removed the curtain on what happened during the emergency period! The emergency period saw a ban on trade and movement of goods by the Government. Additionally, censorship was introduced for print media and they were barred from their daily functions such as printing news to stop the spread of news against the Government’s notorious policies. Those who were found to protest against the emergency were killed, arrested, and detained in jail for years. 

The two-year emergency also saw Sanjay Gandhi working towards forceful sterilization programs which cost many lives. Furthermore, encroachment and demolition of slums also took place which incited further protests against the Government’s rule. 

Leaders like Vijayaraje ScIndia, Jayaprakash Narayan, Raj Narain, Morarji Desai, Charan Singh, Jivatram Kripalani, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Lal Krishna Advani, Arun Jaitley, Satyendra Narayan Sinha, Gayatri Devi, the dowager queen of Jaipur, and other protest leaders were arrested and detained! 

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Best Movie On Indira Gandhi Emergency

Some of the popular movie on Indira Gandhi Emergency includes:

movie on Indira Gandhi emergency
National Emergency In India 1975 | Trending Reader

1. Indu Sarkar 

2. Kissa Kursi Ka 

3. Baadshaho

4. Nashbandi 

5. Hazaaron Khawahishein Aisi 

6. Emergency 

Best Books On Emergency In India

Some of the popular books on emergency in India includes:

best books on emergency in india

1. The Emergency by Coomi Kapoor

2. The Dramatic Decade by Pranab Mukherjee 

3. Indira Gandhi, the ‘Emergency’, and Indian Democracy by P.N. Dhar

4. A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry 

5. The Sanjay Story by Vinod Mehta

6. Emergency Retold by Kuldip Nayar


On 18th January, the National Emergency in India 1975 came to an end in 1977, after 2 years, when Congress called for fresh elections. Though the emergency officially ended on 23rd March, Congress lost by high margins in the elections. The party failed to get any seats in UP and saw an all-time low count in votes in West Bengal.

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