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The Story Of Lakshmi And Alakshmi And How To Remove Alakshmi From Home

how to remove Alakshmi from home
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Alakshmi, also known as goddess Lakshmi sister, is completely opposite to Goddess Lakshmi. As per some of the story of Lakshmi and Alakshmi, Alakshmi lives where Lakshmi will not. Read this article to know more about who is goddess Alakshmi, how Alakshmi was born, and whom Alakshmi married to. This article will also take you through the tips on how to remove Alakshmi from home.

Who Is Goddess Alakshmi?

Goddess Lakshmi’s older sister is Alakshmi, also known as Jayestha. She stands for all that Lakshmi opposes. She is the goddess of bad luck, conflict, hardship, misfortune, unluckiness, unfavourable circumstances, and severe ugliness of both an internal and external nature.

who Is Goddess Alakshmi

Alakshmi’s Appearance

Alakshmi is a symbol of extreme ugly. She is shown as an ageing, filthy, untidy woman riding a donkey. Her skin is shrivelled, leathery, and dark. Her hair is matted, dishevelled, and covered in grime. She likes to reside in communities where individuals are egocentric, vain, and selfish.

Whom Alakshmi Married To?

The second spouse of the demon Kali is the goddess Alakshmi. Durukti is the first spouse of Kali. Demon Kali is regarded as the powerful and unkillable demon who rules the Kali Yug. Since he is Vishnu’s opposite, Kali and Vishnu are inherently antagonistic. At the conclusion of the Kali Yug, when Vishnu assumes the form of Kalki, they will engage in their final battle. Now you know who Alakshmi is married to.

Birth Story Of Alakshmi – How Alakshmi Was Born

Now you know who is Goddess Alakshmi. Let’s know how Alakshmi was born through the story of Lakshmi and Alakshmi.

Lord Vishnu, the nurturer of the entire cosmos, advised the other Gods to churn the Ocean of Milk for various resources. Because Sagar Manthan was not a simple feat, the Asuras were also involved. It was also agreed that anything that emerged from the ocean would be split equally between the two sides.

The most significant of these resources was Amrit, the nectar that granted the consumer immortality and replenishment. As the ocean began to churn, Maa Lakshmi, the daughter of Samudra Dev, as well as a number of priceless jewels, the horse Uccheshrav, the holy cow Kamadhenu, and the elephant Airavata emerged.

Now that a force this powerful was about to emerge and was destined to become Lord Vishnu’s spouse, it was likely that the opposing side, the Asuras, may take her. As a result, Alakshmi, the forerunner of poverty and the twin sister of Maa Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, was introduced before her. This is how Alakshmi was born.

She had unkempt hair, messy clothes, a penchant for dark places, and a taste for the same foods that Asuras like, therefore her appearance appealed to them because she was meant to join them.

Story Of Lakshmi And Alakshmi

Story Of Lakshmi And Alakshmi

As per the story of Lakshmi and Alakshmi, Lakshmi took on the form of Seeta in the Treta Yug, whereas Alakshmi was reborn as Manthara, Bharata’s malevolent nanny and Kaikeyi’s servant.

The spouse of Kali Purusha is Alakshmi. The worst Jeev Atma is Kali Purusha. He is the worst devil there is. He lives in total darkness (andhatamas). He was born as Duryodhana during the Dwapar Yug, and Alakshmi was born as Bhaanumati, the princess of Kashi, who would become his bride.

Lakshmi and Alakshmi are supposed to coexist. Alakshmi exists wherever Lakshmi does. According to some myths, she doesn’t exist at all, while others hold that she always accompanies Lakshmi in the shape of an owl.

Wherever Alakshmi travels, she sows dissension, struggle, jealousy, malice, and suffering. Being close to her results in a lack of information, vision, and optimistic thinking. She splits apart families and squanders money. She sows disbelief and misunderstanding among loved ones, friends, and acquaintances. These were some stories about Goddess  Lakshmi and Alakshmi.

How To Remove Alakshmi From Home

How To Remove Alakshmi From Home

Alakshmi should constantly be praised because she travels everywhere with Lakshmi. She represents the harmful force or energy that silently increases with increasing affluence. It takes extreme caution to avoid becoming corrupted by wealth. Unseen seeds of immoral conceit, laziness, and pride accompany auspicious fortune. If you are looking for how to remove Alakshmi from home, the below tips will help you:

  • According to tradition, one keeps sweets inside the home for Goddess Lakshmi and lemons and hot peppers outside for Alakshmi.
  • Symbolically, Lakshmi enters through the main front door that has been decorated, while Alakshmi departs through the tiny back door.
  • One should put hard work, discipline, and cleanliness into practice.
  • Additionally, protecting and increasing one’s wealth is possible by maintaining Saraswati, or sound wisdom and judgment, in one’s heart and intellect.

This is how to remove Alakshmi from home.


Goddess Alakshmi is frequently referred to as Dhumavati. She is pictured doing unlucky things like attending funerals while perched atop cows, being surrounded by crows, and having a boom in her hand during the Chaturanga period. But she also has a connection to luck. Although she appears to be an elderly widow, she is incredibly smart and helps her followers avoid difficulties.

She is revered by bachelors, widowers, widows, and those who have given up on the world. She is one of the ten Mahavidyas who fight alongside Goddess Durga. Maha Kali is a Mahavidya as well.

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