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The Oscars – History Of First Academy Awards

History Of First Academy Awards
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The Oscars need no introduction! People associated with films, be it production or other related fields, eagerly wait for the Oscars night. Initially started as a private celebration, it has evolved to be one of the most prestigious and worthy awards events in the history of Hollywood. This article will take you on a journey of the first Oscars ceremony while throwing light on the history of first academy awards. Read here to know about 1st Academy Awards winners and what year was the first academy awards.

What Year Was The First Academy Awards Started? 

Before we jump into the history of Academy Awards, it is important to throw light on what year was the first academy awards organized. On 16th May 1929, two years after the establishment of the Academy, the 1st Oscars were given to exclusive talents in the Hollywood film industry.

Though it is to be pointed out that the name “Oscars” were first introduced in the year 1939 after Academy executive Margaret Herrick commented that the gorgeous Statuettes resemble his Uncle Oscar.  

The History Of First Academy Awards 

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was established by Louis B. Mayer in May 1927 as a non-profit organization for the betterment of the Hollywood film industry. But, later on, 16th May 1929, the first Academy Awards were presented, Janet Gaynor and Emil Jennings won for best actress and actor awards, respectively. But, how was the first Oscars event organized? Who was the 1st Academy Awards winner

While the Academy organized the 1st Academy Awards show, the main intention behind the award event was to recognize and honor the talents of the Hollywood film industry. Though the 1st Oscars award ceremony was organized at the Roosevelt Hotel in California at a dinner party with only a handful of people, the Oscars have now been recognized as the most valuable and prestigious awards in Hollywood! 

The Exclusion Of Talkies 

The 1st President of the first Academy Awards, actor Douglas Fairbanks Sr. witnessed the exclusion of “talkies” from competing in the Oscars. According to reports, the Oscars were introduced into Hollywood when movies with proper sound effects were taking shape and the organizing committee decided that it was unfair to let movies with sound effects compete with silent films. 

The 1st Academy Awards Winners 

Though the first Academy Awards show lasted for a few minutes, talented Hollywood personas were recognized and awarded the most prestigious awards of all time. The 1st Academy Awards winners include Emil Jennings who won the best actor award for his outstanding role in “The Last Command” and “The Way of All Flesh”. 

In the history of first academy awards, Janet Gaynor took home the best actress award for her role in “Seventh Heaven”, “ Street Angel” and “Sunrise”. Other 1st Academy Awards winners include Frank Borzage and Lewis Milestone, for best Direction. However, there was no excitement for the announcement of the award winners as the names were disclosed prior to the event.

1st Academy Awards winners

Apart from them, the Best Picture award was won by “Wings”. Charlie Chaplin also recorded his name in the history of first academy awards under the special honorary award! 

The EndNote 

Started as a very private event, and now the gala celebration has recorded itself as one of the most prestigious award ceremonies of all time! Today, millions of people spend their time on TV or the internet watching the Oscars event take place. In 1966, the broadcasting of the Awards shows witnessed color. 

Though the golden statuettes remained the same with a height of 34 cm and weight of 8.5 pounds, coated in a thin layer of 24 karat gold, the procedure has changed for the first time in the history of first academy awards in 1941, after a newspaper announced the names of the awardees, breaking the condition of silence! 

But, again in 2017, for the second time in the history of academy awards, La La Land was announced as the best film. Moonlight was then announced the best film only after the intervention of the authorities. Apart from them, other changes were also recognized when the headquarters were transported to Beverly Hills from its place of origin. 

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