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The Story Of Bhai Dooj

Story Of Bhai Dooj
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It might be challenging to understand the emotions, feelings, and affection shared between siblings. But there are particular days or events set aside for fostering the bond between a brother and a sister. One such occasion that can express enduring affection amongst siblings is Bhai Dooj. During this delightful holiday, sisters pray to God for their loving brother’s long life, good health, and wealth. Here is the complete story Of Bhai Dooj mentioned in detail.

The Story Of Bhai Dooj

For Hindus, the significance and ideals associated with each festival’s origin play a significant role in the development of their culture. The majority of Indian holidays are associated with certain people and characters, which aids the general public in comprehending and understanding the holiday’s genuine importance. 

Bhai Dooj has multiple mythological stories to follow that has carved a niche with their own presence and vigour, just like all significant Indian Festivals. Read to know more about the story of Bhai Dooj.

Lord Krishna Defeating Narkasur

According to one mythological legend, after defeating the demon Narkasur, Lord Krishna paid a visit to his sister Subhadra. He was warmly welcomed by her sister, who also added extra touches like flowers and treats to the event. 

Lord Krishna and Subhadra | Story Of Bhai Dooj

The celebration of “Bhai Dooj” originated from the ceremonial “tilak” that Subhadra also placed on her brother Krishna’s forehead. This is believed to be the origin of Bhai Dooj.

The Visit Of  Yamraj To His Sister Yamuna

Another legend says, Yama, the God of Death, is the subject of yet another mythology. On Dwitiya, the second day following the new moon, it is said that Yama paid a visit to Yamuna, his cherished sister. Yamuna honoured him with a tilak ritual, garlanded him, and served him special foods. 

After a long time, they ate dinner together and exchanged gifts. Yama declared following the event that anyone who gets tilak from his sister on this specific day will live a long and prosperous life. Since that time, this day has become known as Bhai Dooj throughout the nation.


The festival of Bhai Dooj is known by a variety of regional names throughout the subcontinent; it is known as Bhai Dooj throughout all of northern India and as Bhai Tika in Nepal. Whatever name is given to the celebration, its purpose, celebrating the unbreakable tie between brothers and sisters remains the same.

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