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Amou Haji Of Iran – The Dirtiest Man In The World Dies At 94

the dirtiest man in the world
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You definitely heard it right. There existed a man who held the title of being the world’s dirtiest man. He died recently at the age of 94. Amou Haji of Iran was the dirtiest man in the world. Keep reading to know about the strange Amou Haji story and what is the exact Amou Haji death reason.

Amou Haji Of Iran- The Dirtiest Man In The World

Amou Haji lived in the small town of Dejgah in Iran. As reported by the villagers, this man has not touched water or soap to wash himself in 60 years, more than half a century. The body of this dirtiest man in the world used to appear ash black, covered in soots and dried pus.

Amou Haji Story – The Story Of The World’s Dirtiest Man

Amou Haji didn’t have any known relatives or family members. He was taken care of by the people of the town who built a brick shack for him to live in. He was a hermit and was often found smoking multiple cigarettes and pipes.

Villagers believe that some emotional traumatic event in his younger years of life might have triggered him to not take bath or clean himself.

Why Amou Haji Was The Dirtiest Man In The World?

Amou Haji hadn’t bathed with soap and water for 60 years. He believed that cleaning himself or consuming clean things can make him ill. So, he often smoked pipes filled with animal waste and ate wild porcupines or roadkill animals.

Amou Haji Death Reason

Just a few months ago, the villagers had taken him to a bathroom to wash him and soon after, on 23rd October 2022, Amou Haji of Iran died. So, people often ridicule Amou Haji death reason being his first bath.


With such news, it makes us wonder how strange the world and its people can be. Also after Amou Haji’s death, the record of being the world’s dirtiest man can go to an Indian named Kailash Singh of Varanasi who hasn’t bathed in about 30 years.

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