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No Photoshop – Must Watch ​​Best Photographs Ever Taken

best photographs ever taken
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Nowadays, we all click photographs and then Photoshop them, calling ourselves photographers! We don’t need any degree or certificate in these! But, don’t we agree on the fact that real photography is capturing the art without any edits and Photoshop? 

There are many talented photographers who can capture nature’s work of art in their lenses and cameras without any Photoshop. In this article, we will share with you some best photographs ever taken without any props and edits!

Some Best Photographs Ever Taken Without Photoshop

1. Tossed Up Hot Tea

best photos taken ever | Trending Reader

This is how tossed up hot tea looks in the coldest Arctic air. Isn’t it mesmerizing? 

2. The Mesmerizing Galaxy

best photos ever taken | trending reader

Isn’t this spinning tennis ball looking like the sun in our solar system? Or imagine this tennis ball as the center of our Milky Way galaxy! 

3. Temple Covered In Ash

This temple is covered with ashes from the Ontake Volcanic Eruption, this is one of the best photographs ever taken without any edits and Photoshop. 

4. Waterspout In Uganda

Tornado Photograph - Waterspout On Lake Victoria by Julia Cumes

No, this is not photoshopped. This marvelous-looking waterspout occurred in lake Victoria, Uganda! 

5. The Alien Attack

What are you thinking? Isn’t this looking like a movie where a city is captured by aliens? But, No! These are just light pillars in Charlotte, USA. 

6. Flamingos In The Shape Of Flamingos

Yes, it's real: flamingos gather in the formation of a flamingo | The Star

This awe-awakening picture was captured by National Geographic Photographer Bobby Head. 

7. Super Moon Hovering Over A Radio Telescope

The Supermoon in a radio telescope : r/pics

This is one of the amazing and best photographs ever taken without the use of any props. This was captured by Chris Pegman. 

8. 100th Anniversary Celebration Of Birth Of Kim-2 Sung

This is how North Korea celebrated the auspicious occasion of the birth of Kim-2 Sung! 

9. Red Saline Lake

Dangerously Saline Red Lake Natron in Tanzania

This has nothing to do with Photoshop! This is the Natron Red Saline Lake of Tanzania. 

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10. Hurricane

This is a flock of birds flying high above in the sky, looking like a brewing hurricane! 

11. Playing A Guitar

This cute rango is playing a leaf guitar! 

12. An Abrupt Meet Of Autumn And Winter

View this amazing meet of autumn and winter in Colorado! 

13. An Illusion To The Eyes 

Giant wave illusion

This is called the giant wave illusion. It’s actually a mountain! 

14. A Steep Graph 

r/pics - Long exposure of a plane taking off

Isn’t this picture looking like a steep graph? But, this is actually a long exposure of a plane taking off! 

15. Bright Light Or Explosion? 

This is the explosion illusion! This picture looks as if an explosion is taking place! But, this is just a bright light! 

16. A Drop Of Honey Surrounded By Ants

A drop of honey is surrounded by ants! This picture is a masterpiece in itself! 

17. Spider Webs 

These are the spider webs of Abernathy Forest in Scotland. 

18. The Blue Universe

This Blue Universe Exist In Japan!

This picture is of Japan, where a blue-colored flower called nemophila covers the ground, making the whole surrounded blue! 

19. The Beehive

This picture is of a Beehive! Nature is a true artist! 

20. The Holiday Village

Holiday village in the Arkhangelsk region, Russia (Photo: Fedor Savintsev)

Isn’t this looking like a painted village? 

21. The Sleeping Man

Amazing Photos Of Nature That Aren't Photoshopped

This picture looks as if a man is in deep sleep! 

22. The Festival Of Lights

Yee Peng Floating Lantern Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand


This is the sky lantern festival of Chiang Mai, Thailand! It is also known as Yee Peng! 

23. The Sunrise

r/pics - Sunrise in Bushy Park, London

Well, this is the picture of Sunrise in Bushy Park, London! 

24. Cherries Under Water

r/Damnthatsinteresting - Please look at these cherries submerged in water. Look at them.

This is how cherries look under the water! 


When Nature and Great Photographers meet, they create masterpieces. They create works of Art, together! We don’t always need a costly camera to click wonderful photos, a little perspective with good photography skills can create magic that was unseen to mankind! 

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