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Bulli Bai Case Intensifies Over Time For Greater Investigation

bulli bai case
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  • The Bulli Bai case has intensified with the arrest of a young man  
  • The student is from an engineering college in Bengaluru
  • The Maharashtra police and cyber unit are working for the case to be closed as soon as possible.

There has been a probe in the Bulli Bai case in which the images of the Muslim women were put up for auction.  A student from Bengaluru has been arrested till now in order to find out the actual person behind this shameful act. 

This engineering student is thought to be one of the major culprits behind the crime. It is to be seen whether the police can bring out the perpetrators of this act. The police forces of the Maharashtra unit are trying their best in order to bring justice to the victims of this event on the social media platform.

Young Man Arrested In Bulli Bai Case

The Maharashtra Cyber police sector and the cyber cell are trying to look into the world of cybercrime, which had brought up the event of Bulli Bai. Several people received the images of Muslim women on their cell phones through a group that circulated these images with heinous intent to tarnish the reputation of these women. 

It has also been stated that the act has been committed with a communal angle which can be quite dangerous as well. Two people have been brought under the probe at the moment. There is an indication that there is another angle behind the act.

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Larger Network Behind The Event!

It has been mentioned that there is a larger network behind the case of Bulli Bai. There is a possibility that the act has been done with the actual intent to misname Muslim women. A strong communal tension has already arisen in the nation by the Muslims who are under oppression at the very moment. 

The young man who had been found to be behind the entire racket had been brought to the court a few days earlier. It is expected that the police will be able to take the ones who had been behind Bulli Bai.

Ones Behind The Act!

Do you think that the perpetrators against the Muslim women in the Bulli Bai case will be called to justice? Let us know in the comment section given below!

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