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Auction Of Muslim Women Takes Place On Social Media Platform

auction of muslim women
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Auction of Muslim Women has been one of the most horrible things which have started at the beginning of this year. Hundreds of images of Muslim women have been uploaded on a group. The cyber police in Delhi has filed a report in this case. 

A journalist has found the details of the group. She realized that one of the images has been of her own; she has registered her case under the IPC section 153A. The case has been filed under the sector of sexual harassment as well. The group is saved as “Bulli Bai”.

Auction Of Muslim Women On Group

The auction of Muslim women would collect the images of Muslim women from the internet and create albums with lewd names. The people who have created the group have also asked the participating members to increase the auction rates which are allotted for each of the women. 

Several women who had been involved in the auction have taken it up to social media to express their concern in this matter. They have also lodged complaints at the police station for these actions. The minister of information and technology has informed that they will be looking into the matter in extreme detail. The police organizations will do their best in order to find out the perpetrators in this matter.

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FIR Lodged Against The Perpetrators

The account has been blocked by the security teams as soon as they filed the report. The auction of Muslim women on the internet through social media images is one of the worst things which can be done on any platform. The people who have committed this act belong to a group of people who have a distorted mentality about society. It is expected that these people are caught with immediate effect in the present hour.

Will This Work?

Do you think that the auction of Muslim women will be considered a heinous crime in the present times? Let us know in the comment section given below!

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