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Restrictions On International Travellers To Avoid Spread Of Infection

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The Union ministry has made sure that certain restrictions on international travellers are kept in order to avoid the spread of infection in the nation. The revised guidelines have arrived in India and will be in effect from 1st December. The guidelines can make sure that the people who are travelling into India are safe enough for the process. 

The travellers have to provide a detailed version of the 14 days’ travel and also upload a negative RT-PCR test on the Air Suvidha Portal. This is to ensure strictly that the travellers who are coming from foreign countries are not carrying any kind of disease which can affect the population of the nation.

Restrictions On international Travellers From At-Risk Nations

The health ministry has informed that the countries which are at risk for the covid-19 infections will have their travellers face rigid restrictions. The restrictions on international travellers will include their test being done at the covid-19 portal and making sure that they are not the carrier of the disease. If they are found to be positive for the test, they will be kept in quarantine for seven days. 

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After this period, they will be sent back to their country after recovery. A re-test will be done on the 8th day in order to verify the presence of the disease in their body. If traces of the virus are found, the traveller will be put on self-monitoring for another 7 days.

Our Duties As Citizens!

The restrictions on international travellers may help to avoid the spread of infection as it happened in the very first wave of the virus pandemic. The government is taking all kinds of precautions in order to avoid such an outbreak again. It is our duty as responsible citizens of the nation to take every kind of precaution to avoid the spread of the disease. Do you agree with this notion? Let us know in the comment section!

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