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Ways To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

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Nobody wants a long distance relationship by choice. But sometimes life brings changes along the path- say your partner needs to travel to another place for education or for a new job and such reasons. But true love never fades away. After all, distance is the true test of how far love can travel and last. 

Tips To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

Here are a few ways that can be used to keep the sparks flying between couples that are apart in distance but close in heart. 

1. Communication Is The Key

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Ensure good communication on a daily basis and know about each-others lifestyle, ongoing activities and whereabouts. Keep the curiosity and level of interest alive. Talk to each other on a regular basis, share feelings, activities and keep the conversation going. Keeping it fun and light can help. Stay in touch via social media applications and update each other regularly. Good communication is the most important aspect to make a long distance relationship work out.

2. Social Media and Video-Calling

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Social media has changed how people can stay so well connected as compared to traditional times. Multiple social media networking sites like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram can help you stay very close to your other half even if you are divided miles apart by distance. You can take full advantage of these mediums and stay close and connected and share every moment in detail with your special one. With video calls available on the go, you can always stay fully connected. So send pictures, text messages and audio notes and keep the love ignited!

3. Knowing Each Other’s Schedules

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This may prove to be useful as you are divided by time gap by staying in different geographical locations. Know each other’s schedules, so you can text message and get in touch at a convenient hour for both. It is a good idea as you’ll be in different time zones. 

4. Stay Loyal To Each Other 

Even though distance has set you apart. do respect your partner in their absence. Sometimes distance can make the relationship stronger. You may see it as an opportunity to indulge more. so realize each other’s value and deeply miss them in their absence. It helps you foster a relationship based on utmost respect, admiration and adoration of each other. Thus long distance relationships are not all that bad but have some advantages too.  

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5. Gifting

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Don’t forget to gift your partner on special occasions. This helps to brighten up the relationship. Gifting correctly can make your soul mate feel very special and sending a warm gift to your significant other can make them realize the value of the relationship and make them feel on top of the world. Use this to encourage them and find reasons to make the relationship remembered, cherished, and last out. Something very simple can also mean so much to a person. 

6. Travel Together

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How about booking tickets and traveling together? One simple way is to surprise your partner and drop by to pay a visit to them. Say you can book a small trip together and meet up at a particular convenient destination and relive the happy moments of being together and cherishing each other’s company. Keep creating moments together and adding more value to the relationship.

7. Spice Up Your Relationship  

Even though distance has divided you apart, you can find ways to keep the spark of love ignited between you two. Send each other cute pictures and flirt with each other. Make them feel valued and loved. Appreciate them on their achievements, support them during their lows and text them cute messages!  

8. Positive Thoughts

Stay on the positive side. Long-distance relationships do work out. Just that a little more effort is required. Everything comes with pros and cons. An LDR can actually strengthen your bond and make you realize your partner’s value in their absence. The distance can test whether love is true or not. If it’s meant to be, it will surely be! All you have to do is make some effort.

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Long Distance Relationships can be pursued. It is not the end of your partner and you have been geographically separated. If concise efforts are taken, a long distance relationship can very much thrive. It is not impossible! Try implementing the tips above to make it work out. You may feel keeping love alive with distance is hard but it is not impossible if the right efforts and time is spent by both partners equally. So just go for it! 

After all, distance gives us a reason to love harder… you may be miles apart but closest in the heart!

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